xQc claims “burnt out” GTA RP cops don’t want to roleplay anymore

xQc claims “burnt out” GTA RP cops don’t want to roleplay anymoreTwitch: xQc / Rockstar

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel claims GTA RP police officers are “burnt out” and “don’t want to roleplay anymore” after they gunned down a hostage just to get him, which he insists “makes no sense”.

xQc knows what it’s like to feel burnt out on GTA RP.

Not only has he been banned and unbanned multiple times, but he’s also had doubts about sticking around and vowed to move on. Still, he always seems to find his way back.

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However, during yet another altercation with police officers on stream, xQc claimed they didn’t play along with the scenario he created and were willing to kill a hostage in order to get him because they’re “burnt out”.

“They just had to shoot the hostage, didn’t they?” he said.

“It wouldn’t be cool and fun if they didn’t win automatically. I don’t know why they would shoot the f**king hostage like that. It doesn’t even make sense in roleplay.”

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“I think the cops are burnt out. I don’t blame them, to be honest. But I mean, I think that’s just cop burnout… I tried to create something interesting that I thought was cool, but I think they’re just burnt out about it. I don’t think the cops want to roleplay anymore.”

xQc insisted he had no money to lose in that situation and wasn’t “malding.” Instead, he thinks the cops might have been too burnt out to play their roles.

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“There’s no reason for them to shoot my hostage. It makes no sense at all in roleplay.”

xQc wasn’t the only one to feel that way. Many fans, including neutral GTA RP players and viewers, weren’t happy about how the situation played out either.

The consensus is that, while xQc has been guilty of wrongdoings on the server in the past, his criticism in this instance is warranted.

And in a subsequent meeting, other police officers who weren’t involved in the incident agreed, too.

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