xQc set to take GTA RP break after feeling “burnt out” on NoPixel

xQc alongside GTA RP character taking selfieTwitch: xQc/Rockstar

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel said he’s become a bit “burnt out” on GTA RP amid fans asking him to make a return, suggesting he may take a break.

Ever since NoPixel’s 3.0 update launched GTA RP back to the top Twitch charts in early 2021, xQc has had a bit of a rocky relationship with the multiplayer mod.

The Canadian has been hit with several bans from the popular server but has returned on multiple occasions, and he’s even been caught by fans playing off-stream.

With him making his return to Twitch after a short break, many of his viewers wanted to see him jump on GTA as either of his two characters – Jean or Pierre Paul. Though, that didn’t happen, and might not happen anytime soon.

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xQc's GTA RP character Jean PaulTwitch: xQc
xQc’s character, commonly referred to as just ‘X’, is always in trouble in GTA RP.

Two hours into his return stream, the former Overwatch professional was alerted to the fact that Geo-Guesser – the popular game where you have to guess random locations – now has a GTA 5 mode.

So, xQc took a crack at it and showed off his now expansive GTA 5 map knowledge. After he was done with that, some fans assumed he would be jumping over to RP, but that wasn’t to be the case.

“Are you going to play RP today? Probably not. If I play RP it’ll be way later tonight,” xQc stated, “I’m a little bit burnt out on RP, I’m going to be honest with you.” He further noted that he wanted to do more “chill stuff” on stream, and, of course, GTA RP isn’t all that chill.

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While xQc might change his mind at some point – which he has done frequently with GTA – he’s not alone in feeling a bit burnt out on RP, nor is this the first hinted he’s hinted at the fact either.

Sykkuno admitted he’s been a bit “lost” with RP recently and isn’t sure what more there is to do as a criminal for the time being.

Fans of both streamers would rather they be causing chaos in Los Santos, but that might have to wait for now.