xQc reveals why he won’t stream GTA RP but will still play on NoPixel server

xQc alongside his GTA Rp characterTwitch: xQc/Rockstar

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has revealed that he may cut back on streaming GTA RP but he will stick around the NoPixel server for the meantime.

xQc’s foray into the world of GTA RP has been an entertaining, yet controversial one. The Canadian has received several bans from the popular NoPixel server but has returned on several different occasions, bringing thousands of viewers with him.

His characters have brought incredible highlights to viewers, and he’s even won over some hardcore roleplayers who were skeptical about him joining the server at first, and even more so after his repeated bans.

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While other variety streamers have ditched the game and found something new to play, he’s carried on his journey to becoming one of the server’s top criminals. However, it seems like he’ll be continuing his hijinx off stream in the future.

xQc's GTA RP character Jean PaulTwitch: xQc
xQc’s character, commonly referred to as just ‘X’, is always in trouble in GTA RP.

On July 18, the former Overwatch pro revealed that he was sticking with GTA RP but wouldn’t stream it, adding that he’s frustrated with progression for criminals currently.

“I like roleplay and I’ll always like it, but I’m going to play it mostly off-stream when I do stuff. I’ll probably just do, on-stream, stuff that is really, really good to do,” he said.

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He also aired complaints in his chat about changes to the way criminals hit banks, adding that many have practiced away from roleplay, whereas others have spent the time to do so in RP.

screenshot of messages from xqc in twitch chatScreenshot via Twitch
xQc dropped the messages in his offline Twitch chat.

Lengyel isn’t the only one to share these types of thoughts recently either. Sykkuno noted that while GTA RP has been super fun for him, he is frustrated by the lack of progression, and excitement for some jobs has disappeared.

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While he may say he’s playing off-stream, xQc has changed his mind on similar things with GTA, like bringing his criminal character back when he said he was going to stick to his cop. So, we’ll have to wait and see if he holds true this time.

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