xQc unbanned from GTA RP NoPixel whitelist server & returns as Pierre Paul

xQc GTA RPTwitch: xQc/Rockstar Games

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has finally been unbanned from the GTA RP NoPixel whitelist server, despite being permanently suspended back in May.

Over the last several months, the GTA RP NoPixel server has risen to become one of the most-watched titles on Twitch, with hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in to watch every single day.

Despite having countless content creators on the server, no one is more popular than Twitch streamer xQc. However, even after shining a light on NoPixel and drawing in ridiculous amounts of viewers, xQc doesn’t exactly have the best reputation on the server.

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After multiple short-term bans and a series of warnings, xQc was finally permanently banned from the whitelisted server back in May. A lot of his fans assumed that he’d used up all his chances, and he’d have to play on the public server from now on.

However, on July 1, xQc revealed to his viewers that he’d been granted access to the whitelisted server again, but he’d only be playing as Pierre Paul.

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GTA RP copsRockstar Games
GTA RP cops on NoPixel have to follow a strict set of rules.

xQc unbanned from GTA RP NoPixel server

During his July 1 stream, xQc revealed that the NoPixel staff had unbanned him from the whitelist server, despite permanently suspending him back in May.

According to the streamer, he won’t be returning to his previous antics of robbing banks and causing mayhem throughout the city, instead, he’ll be playing as his cop character Pierre Paul.

Although xQc made it very clear he could bring back Jean-Paul if he wanted, he’s decided that’s not the best course of action considering his reputation on the server. He’s told his stream to expect chilled-out RP gameplay, at least while he settles back into NoPixel.

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“The NoPixel staff allowed me back on whitelist for cop mostly, I guess I could bring back X if I decide to, but I’m not gonna do that… it’ll mostly be like super mellow chill off-stream most of the time stuff.”

Despite this, it didn’t take xQc long to jump onto the server on stream and give his viewers the content they’d been asking for.

Although they’ll certainly be a lot less chaos with xQc being a cop, it remains to be seen if his time back on the server will be less controversial than before.

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He’s made it very clear that he’s not going to break any rules for the time being, although drama often finds a way of taking over in RP.

xQc brings a lot of attention to NoPixel, and his role as a cop to stop crime instead of committing it, could be a much-improved experience for everyone involved.

This could be the chance for the streamer to reverse his reputation and make a fresh start. We’ll just have to see whether he decides to stay on track.

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