Summit1g claims NoPixel GTA RP has become too “sweaty” due to changes

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Aug 28, 2021
Summit1g and his GTA RP character
Twitch: Summit1G/Rockstar

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar believes the NoPixel GTA RP server is becoming slightly too “sweaty” as he becomes more and more annoyed by different things. 

While the launch of NoPixel’s 3.0 update saw a massive influx of new names joining the server, it also gave a chance for some long-time players to get back involved with GTA RP too. 

That includes Summit who, over the years, has been deeply involved with GTA RP. His Charles Johnson character, otherwise known as Chawa, has checked in and out of the city over the last few years, typically being found involved with the race scene.

However, like many, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Summit. He has, on more than one occasion, voiced concerns about the server and tried to make changes to his character to keep things feeling fresh. 

That included making a switch to play a police officer – cleverly named John Charleston – but he became slightly bored by that and jumped back into the criminal lifestyle. 

However, even that doesn’t seem to be the wave for him now. After venting his frustration with the current state of the server’s race scene, claiming that long-time racers are being ditched for the new wave and controllers are taking over, Summit says it has become sweaty. 

“I see the controller being like… it’s a sweat thing. I don’t think it’s a comfort thing, I’d call it a sweat thing,” Summit said. “The whole server seems to be getting into this sweaty state, you know. The cops are in this position where I don’t even want to get into gunfights with them because it’s just f**king stupid. I think if I really wanted to sweat, I would give a real crack at the controller, I would actually probably practice it.”

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Summit’s frustrations with the police have also extended to being detained by them following a situation where he flipped his car and they held out assault rifles rather than pistols. 

NoPixel police have, recently, been attacked at random by players, so they are at a heightened state, but for Summit, it might be slightly too over the top.

As we’ve seen before, he’ll dip out on RP when he feels like it and play something else, but we’ll have to wait and see if he’s hit that point now.