WWE’s Undertaker arrives in GTA RP NoPixel server and it’s amazing

Undertaker in GTA RPRockstar Games

A Twitch streamer transformed his GTA NoPixel character into WWE’s Undertaker and the result was absolutely incredible, even by RP standards.

The Undertaker is perhaps the most iconic wrestler of all time aside from Hulk Hogan. Mark Calaway’s gimmick of an undead zombified man with mystical powers joining a wrestling federation of all things somehow managed to captivate audiences worldwide for multiple years.

As such, having such a figure in the NoPixel’s GTA RP server is the stuff of nightmares, but streamer BigSkenger managed to pull off the deadman’s persona perfectly.

On August 10, BigSkenger decided to redesign his character and equip him with all the Undertaker essentials – the hat, trench coat, black tights, and even his hair. Without any shadow of a doubt, he had become death incarnate.

His character design was so good that another player ran up to him asking if he was The Undertaker.

“How do you know me?” BigSkenger asked, concerned that his identity had been compromised.

Amusingly, at this point, BigSkenger played Taker’s entrance music with the famous “gong,” getting the other player even more riled up.

While the streamer was unable to perform any of the wrestler’s famous moves such as the Last Ride, Old School, he did manage to pull off half off a TombStone Piledriver by picking the player up.

Undertaker in GTA RPTwitch/BigSkenger
Bah gawd, that GTA RPer is looking for the Tombstone Piledriver!

To keep up with the charade, BigSkenger’s character flipped upside down, as if the other player was countering the move, before once again lifting him up.

As the music played to end the scene, BigSkenger ran back into the other player and knocked him down before elbowing him as a follow-up attack.

To top it all off, BigSkenger even drove a hearse. Hey, it may not be a motorcycle, but perhaps the streamer plans on doing his take on biker Taker at a later date.

Hopefully, the streamer has more Undertaker shenanigans up his sleeve for the future and he can really take his RP to the next level.