xQc permanently banned from NoPixel GTA RP server amid cop drama

xQc and a GTA Rp copTwitch: xQc/Rockstar

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been handed his fifth ban from NoPixel’s GTA RP server, and it looks like he won’t be returning after this one.

GTA RP has been all the rage on Twitch for a number of weeks, but nobody has brought as many eyes to it as xQc has.

The way he plays his Jean Paul character has been a hit with fans because he’s always looking for action, but it’s caused plenty of headaches and controversy for other roleplayers – especially the police.

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During his May 22 stream, the Candian got into some drama with the cops after randomly killing fellow streamer PENTA. While PENTA said nobody would report xQc because of his fans, he has been punished for his actions.

xQc's GTA RP character Jean PaulTwitch: xQc
xQc’s character, commonly referred to as just ‘X’, is always in trouble.

xQc permabanned from NoPixel again

Barely a day later, xQc’s NoPixel forum account has been given the ‘permanently banned’ tag, meaning he’s on a time out. He’s also had his whitelisted tag on Discord removed.

The permanent ban tag is often given out so that players who need to talk things over with admins are on an indefinite hiatus.

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However, there is a forum post from one of the moderators – Airborne – that indicates that xQc will be leaving NoPixel for good. “This case is going to be closed. Mr Paul is no longer a resident of this city,” it reads.

xQc addresses fifth NoPixel ban

As of writing, xQc hasn’t been live on Twitch to address the situation, nor explain why he’s been banned.

He has, however, commented in other streamers’ chats, telling them that his recently purchased in-game Lamborgini is going to be “crushed.” This usually only comes when a player is leaving NoPixel, so its seems as if he gone for good.

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Some fans might assume that just because his criminal character is being punished, that he can switch onto his cop. However, that isn’t the case, as his NoPixel account as a whole would be banned.

If the former Overwatch League star comments on the matter further, like he did his fourth ban, and finds himself back on NoPixel, we’ll update this post.

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