xQc explains why he is moving on from GTA RP again

xQc explains why he is “ready to move on” from GTA RPTwitch: xQcOW / NoPixel / Rockstar

Twitch megastar Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has shed light on why he’s finally “ready to move on” from GTA RP yet again, citing the highs and lows of the game throughout his time being one of the major focal points of the RP mod. 

The flurry of streamers trying their hand at GTA RP over recent months has been more so headlined by xQc, as the French-Canadian streamer has seen his fair share of spectacular moments within the game, albeit, with a few lows, including multiple bans from the NoPixel server.

While we’ve seen other streamers move onto other titles after their test at GTA RP, xQc was one of the few top streamers that stuck with the game, and his character, Jean Paul has become synonymous with wild criminal activities.

But, it appears Lengyel is finally ready to move back into his normal routine of variety streaming, as he’s cited numerous reasons for this transition.

xqc rpTwitch: xQc
xQc has seen his fair share of controversies within GTA RP.

xQc “ready to move on” from GTA RP

While xQc was primarily known in the past for his Overwatch and variety gameplay, the streamer has leaned towards GTA RP in recent months and has seen quite the success. As people would flock to follow the adventures of Jean Paul every day.

In recent weeks, the multiplayer mod has taken a back seat to other games, with xQc more often than not being found playing the game off-stream. Though, on August 6, he said he’s “ready to move on” once again.

Lengyel noted how he “did it from the top, to the bottom. We did it a lot when it was good, when it was bad. We did it when it was hyped, when it wasn’t. We did it when everyone was loving it and when everyone was hating it.”

He also commented on how “it’s brought a lot of good times, a lot of problems” and then stated, “I’m ready to move on, it is what it is.”

While we don’t know if this means for certain if xQc is done with GTA RP altogether, it does signal he may be taking an indefinite break for the time being as he has done before.

The former Overwatch pro hasn’t been able to stay away from RP, so expect to see him back when a new update rolls out.