GTA 6 fans roast potential Game Awards announcement without even seeing anything

Andrew Highton
rockstar logo on game awards trophy

The Game Awards 2021 is expected to have some huge game announcements and gameplay reveals. One of the latest rumors is that Rockstar Games are set to appease disgruntled fans by making a “big announcement”. Instead of being excited, fans are already laughing off the notion.

Rockstar Games’ reputation has taken a hit in recent years with players bemoaning the company’s policy towards making new games. They’ve produced two new, major AAA games in the last 8 years; GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA Online’s ridiculous success has been a huge factor in this strategy alteration with the online mode raking in billions each year. Worse still, Rockstar’s most recent involvement in a project was the publishing of the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition.

The game has been poorly received with the game suffering from a huge number of problems. “Shameful” updates, the game’s Performance mode being touted as “unplayable”, and mobile phone port files being found in the game have all dragged Rockstar through the mud. The Game Awards 2021 could be a huge chance for Rockstar Games to turn things around with a rumored, hot announcement. But, it seems that fans don’t care.

CJ riding in rain in San Andreas
San Andreas’ rain has been one of many talking points in the GTA Trilogy.

Outside of E3, the PlayStation Experience, and Nintendo Directs, The Game Awards has become another big occasion for huge announcements. The rumor mill suggests that Rockstar will use this stage to make a big one themselves.

However, a post on the GTA Reddit has accumulated over 7K upvotes and counting and mocks the rumor. A Twitter user that claims to be a reliable source for all things GTA VI has said that “Rockstar Games reportedly will make a big announcement at TheGameAwards to appease disappointed fans. Rockstar Games will win back fans’ trust with the announcement.”

The title of the Reddit post for this simply says: “Ha, big funny.” Not only that, but the comments section is rife with doubt and disillusionment.

Many players think it will just be another GTA remaster announcement, possibly GTA 1 or the ‘Stories’ games. Whereas some were less serious saying that it will be a “Free $250,000 to every player,” presumably for GTA Online.

If Rockstar does make an announcement, it begs two interesting questions. Is this a reactionary, knee-jerk response to the GTA Trilogy furor? Or could this finally be the long-awaited GTA 6 reveal?

We’ll have to wait and see what The Game Awards 2021 has in store for us on December 10.

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