GTA Online player shows how to spawn inside UFOs

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games chose not to make UFOs vehicles you could fly in with GTA Online, but one player has managed to infiltrate the alien aircraft… accidentally. 

An alien takeover was on the cards for years in Grand Theft Auto 5, after teasers were found in the title’s first-ever story mission.

The proof that players are not alone in Rockstar’s world came to fruition in 2021, with a massive update bringing unidentified flying objects to Los Santos and its wider regions.

Putting the easter eggs, mysteries, and old wive’s tales to one side for a moment, a member of the community has cracked the code to get in and amongst the non-humans.

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How to get in UFOs – GTA Online

GTA Online UFO Halloween Event Orbital Cannon Easter Egg With LogoYouTube: Hakiii / Rockstar Games
UFOs arrived in GTA Online this year, flying through the sky.

Having seen the vehicles floating around the map since October, they’ve been taking over during the Halloween event.

On December 5, a Reddit user posted about their experience inside a UFO on the GTA Online subreddit page.

They said: “I was playing GTA Online on PS3 and I was teleported to an underwater UFO. I drowned, respawned in Paleto Bay and now I’m stuck inside a UFO.”

As seen in the short clip above, there is no way to actually get behind the wheel and control the vehicle. Though, the player is given a van inside the UFO to drive around inside, which isn’t very useful.

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Some had claimed that the glitch has only been found on previous-gen servers. One player joked: “This is why they’re shutting down the old gen servers.”

Another said: “This happens on pc servers too. Hacks and cheaters will always exist no matter what or when you see this.”

A user added: “Enjoy it. This will be one of the last remaining footage of classic GTA Online before the servers shut down.”

Whether or not this is affecting current-gen consoles – PS5 and Xbox Series X|S – is unknown. Either way, the servers will be closed on December 16, 2021, for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

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