GTA Trilogy players roast “shameful” patch notes as issues continue

Alec Mullins
GTA 3 remaster screenshot showing Claude

Rockstar and Grove Street Games have been working to fix the state of their recent GTA Trilogy release, but players are not impressed with the result of the first wave of changes. 

There has been a myriad of problems for the latest entry into Rockstar Games’ GTA franchise and their latest attempt to fix them hasn’t gone over well with the playerbase.

While the promise of a remaster for three of the series’ most notable titles sounded enticing at first, a seemingly endless amount of bugs prompted an apology from Rockstar where they promised to bring all three revamped versions up to par for their fanbase.

The first round of updates arrived in the game on November 20, but the results have had a less than stellar reception.

GTA Trilogy players roast Rockstar over persistent rain issues

GTA Trilogy vice
Even after the first set of changes the GTA Trilogy leaves a lot to be desired.

The patch notes featured a few specific fixes, including an update to the vision-obscuring rain in all three games.

It also promised the restoration of a bridge that has persistently gone invisible in San Andreas.

After further inspection of these fixes, the community has collectively made up its mind about the quality of both of these changes and the patch notes related to them.

Players react

One commenter brought up how mods for the game have already cleared these issues for players willing to seek them out, while the official release is still struggling: “The fact that modders fixed these simple issues a few days after the game’s release while these guys can’t is downright shameful.”

Another user took at aim at the seemingly simple issue of the disappearing bridge, questioning how an update could fail to fix it: “Why is this bridge causing them so much trouble? Like, just f***ing put it there?”

While Rockstar has made it clear their intentions are to get the GTA Trilogy up and running the way they intended, it looks like they’ll be fighting an uphill battle the rest of the way to achieve that goal.

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