GTA Trilogy Performance mode slammed as “unplayable” despite update

Lawrence Scotti
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A Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition player went viral by altering between the “Performance” and “Fidelity” graphical options with both showing poor results.

The three games included in the GTA Trilogy received a massive update with patch 1.03 bringing stability to performance and correcting a host of issues that plagued the titles.

Although the patch helped alleviate some problems, the GTA Trilogy is still far from perfect. A clip that surfaced on Reddit showed off a massive issue that has annoyed San Andreas players.

The original version of all three games will be added to players’ library for free following the Definitive Editions problematic launch.

San Andreas performance issues continue

Reddit user StuntmanRich shared a clip from San Andreas where they alternate between “Performance” and “Fidelity” graphic options, both of which show stuttering gameplay.

In the post they said, “Does the Performance/Fidelity option make any difference? This is running on a PS4 Pro. Constant frame rate drops and pop in make it unplayable for me.”

In the comments of the post other players shared their concerns that even after patch 1.03 dropped they are still experiencing issues.

One user complained, “I am also experiencing this on my PS4 pro. All three games are suffering from this for me after the update. The frame rate has always been an issue. The fixes to visual stuff is great but the frame rate needs to get fixed in all three games ASAP.”

The patch seems to have cleaned up some of the rough edges of the GTA remastered titles, the games’ performances still are not up to snuff for players.

While some players have reported that the “Performance” mode works better, StuntmanRich disagreed and said, “Doesn’t seem to make any difference to me. I feel that a PS2 game shouldn’t even require different modes to choose between graphics and framerate.”

With Grove Street Games and Rockstar continuing to pump out fixes, hopefully this ends up fixed sooner rather than later.

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