New GTA 5 graphics mod makes Grand Theft Auto the most “photo realistic” ever

Michael Gwilliam
GTA V graphics mod

A new update for a GTA 5 graphics mod could very well make Grand Theft Auto the most realistic game in history.

Graphics mods are a lot of fun. For players with strong PCs who aren’t afraid of enhancing their experience through user-created modifications, they can push older titles to new heights.

Now, with Grand Theft Auto 5, modders have been improving the game’s visuals for a long time, but a new update to QuantV 3.0 has shown us that even GTA 6 might not live up to what users have created.

A YouTube video by DubstepZz showcases exactly what GTA can look like with an RTX 3090 graphics card and the mod installed.

As you can see, the lighting, reflections, and attention to detail are all much more advanced than the retail version of the game.

It really pushes the game to its visual limits, but that doesn’t mean it’s not held back in some small places. For instance, cars zooming through rain puddles don’t create splashes and vehicles remain pristine despite driving through mud.

In another video, this one uploaded by YouTuber INTER, shows off even more gameplay, including some over-the-top first-person action.

This even features some nice snow shots that capture how realistic the weather could be in a non-sunny climate.

GTA V mod
GTA 5 has never looked better.

That said, if this is a sign of what’s to come for future Rockstar games and maybe even GTA 6, then the sky is the limit.

Still, with GTA 6 still yet to be announced and the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition getting blasted by fans and critics alike, one has to wonder if future entries can even hold a candle to what modders have pulled off.

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