Genshin Impact 1.1 new characters, events, quests & items leaked

James Busby
1.1 Update leaks screen

While Genshin Impact fans will need to wait a little while for the game’s 1.1 update, there have been a number of leaks that have given us an insight into what it will entail. Find out everything we know so far about the 1.1 update.

Genshin Impact’s gorgeous open-world is just begging to be explored, while its ever-growing roster provides tremendous amounts of versatility when it comes to taking down the game’s bosses and enemy-filled dungeons. While the majority of players will still be busy unlocking areas of the map and completing quests, many dedicated adventurers are now waiting for the upcoming 1.1 update. 

MiHoYo previously announced the official release date for the 1.1 patch in their latest forum post, so we know that it is on its way. Of course, this has led to plenty of rumors surfacing about reworks to Genshin’s Resin system and various mechanics, but now dataminers have managed to delve into the game’s files and uncovered some juicy details. Make sure you check out the article below to find out everything we know about new characters, events, quests, items, and QoL changes. 

Disclaimer: All the 1.1 leaks below have been sourced from Reddit user polonoid75, who has outlined all the current datamined details in his post. While all the information below has been found in the game’s files, these features could still change before the update’s official release. There will also be heavy spoilers for all upcoming content, so turn away now if you want to keep this a surprise. 

New Feature

Genshin Impact Reputation screen
Reputation will play a big part in Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update.

One of the biggest features coming to Genshin Impact in the 1.1 update is the addition of the reputation system. Each region will have its own reputation level that can be increased by exploring, doing side quests, and completing region-specific bounties and requests. You’ll receive special rewards depending on the reputation you have built up within each region. 

These rewards include profile cards, new cooking recipes, blacksmithing/alchemy recipes, and a new glider skin. Each region’s reputation level will also show up on the game’s map, allowing you to quickly track your completion percentage. Your previous exploration and quests will also count towards this new feature, so don’t put off doing any quests before the 1.1 update goes live. 

Quality of Life Changes

Genshin Impact Resin screen
Being able to save your Resin and carry it over to your next session is certainly a handy addition.

Aside from the new characters and quests being added into Genshin Impact, miHoYo will also be adding the following QoL changes to help smooth out existing gameplay features. Reddit user polonoid75 listed the following:

  • The ability to lock weapons and artifacts so you don’t accidentally trash them.
  • A compendium allowing you to view info on flora and fauna within Teyvat.
  • A camera lock setting that locks the camera in place and stops it automatically zooming/rotating itself.
  • Excess EXP overflow when leveling weapons will be translated into ore instead of being wasted.
  • Characters on expeditions will no longer be unavailable for use in the party.
  • Ability to store your daily resin as Condensed Resin. You can also now spend 40 resin within domains to get double rewards, drastically cutting down the amount of dungeon runs you need to do to claim the rewards.

New Quest

Liyue map Genshin Impact
Childe can be found in a new part of the map and is just south of Liyue.

The 1.1 update will feature the remainder of the Chapter 1 storyline in Liyue and will include a showdown against none other than Fatui’s, Childe. Genshin Impact fans first encounter this mischievous character in Chapter 1, Act 1 of the Archon Quests.  However, in the 1.1 update, you’ll be able to fight him inside the Golden House, which can be found just south of Liyue. The boss fight can be replayed multiple times, so expect plenty of rare loot and item drops when you successfully complete it. 

New Characters


Zhongli Genshin Impact
Zhongli crushes the competition with deadly Geo-based abilities.

Zhongli is a five-star Geo-based Polearm user who dominates his opponents with lightning-fast spear combos and dashes. His Elemental Skill unleashes a rocky totem that gives off a glowing aurora, we don’t know much about this ability but it will likely buff his attacks or unleash shockwave damage over time. 

Meanwhile, his Elemental Burst sees him summon a gigantic boulder from the heavens above before sending it hurtling into the ground, crushing anything unfortunate enough to get in its way. It also looks like this ability roots enemies in place, allowing him to follow-up with his lightning-fast jabs and deadly charged attacks. 


Childe Genshin Impact
Childe has some of the most unique movesets in the entire game.

Childe is the final five-star unit to be featured in the 1.1 update. This elite Hydro character is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers who has been gifted with the Cryo Archon’s own power. As a result, he is incredibly powerful and can effortlessly switch between both ranged and melee attacks when activating his Elemental Skill. His bow inflicts enemies with the Hyrdo element, while his melee combo utilizes a combination of water-infused polearms and dual blades. 

His Elemental Burst changes depending on which weapon you have activated. For example, when you activate it with Childe’s bow, he’ll send a water arrow flying towards his enemies which inflicts them with a debuff and automatically refunds some of his elemental energy. 

Meanwhile, his melee-focused Elemental Burst sends out a gigantic slash that consumes the previous debuff, dealing even more damage. His passive also increases the basic attack talent of everyone in your party by one level, so it’s likely you’ll want to add Zhongli to your party if you’re looking for a good DPS carry.


Xinyan Genshin Impact
Xinyan is more than just your average tank.

Xinyan is a 4 star Pyro/Claymore user who has an affinity for everything Rock and Roll. The Liyue rockstar’s Elemental Skill sees her barrage foes with deadly swings from her electric guitar, giving her a defensive shield that strengthens with every enemy hit. Her Elemental Burst creates a huge sound shockwave that surrounds Xinyan as she plays her electric guitar, knocking back all surrounding enemies and setting the ground ablaze. Meanwhile, her passive gives her a 12% chance to gain double the amount of defense boosting food. Tasty!


Diona Genshin Impact
Diona may look small but she is capable of dishing out some big damage numbers.

Rounding things off at the bottom of the list is none other than, Diona. She is the daughter of Draff from Springvale and works as a waitress at Cat’s Tail Bar in Mondstadt. This pint-sized character may be small, but she is capable of delivering some incredibly powerful ice attacks.

Her Elemental Burst throws out an iced drink which both damages enemies and heals your teammates whenever you stand in the ability’s area of effect. As of writing, there is no info on Diona’s Elemental Skill or passive, so we’ll simply have to wait for further updates. 

Eight more other characters

These four leaks aren’t the only characters on their way either. Since the initial leak, eight others have been revealed.

According to dataminers, these include:

  • Hu Tao: Pyro Polearm from Liyue like Xiangling
  • Mimi Hydro Catalyst from Inazuma
  • Yunjin: Geo Polearm from Liyue like Zhongli
  • Yaoyao: Dendro Catalyst from Liyue
  • Sayu: Anemo Claymore from Inazuma
  • Tohama: Pyro Polearm from Inazuma
  • Shenli: Cyro Claymore from Liyue
  • Rosaria, a Cyro Polearm from Mondstatd

Not much else is known about them though, so we will have to wait until the upcoming banners!

New Banners

Genshin Impact 1.1 banner
Get saving your Primogems for this upcoming banner.

Genshin Impact’s five-star characters invariably have their own Banner, which serves as an opportunity for players to gain increased odds when fishing for them. This will likely mean both Zhongli and Childe will receive their own Banners. However, Xia and Zhongli were both featured on the leaked Banner image above, suggesting that there’s a strong chance this particular Banner will be present in the 1.1 update. Of course, this could change before miHoYo launches the upcoming patch. 

New Weapons and Items


New weapons Genshin Impact screen
There are plenty of new powerful weapons to try out.

There are new five-star weapons for each of Genshin Impact’s five weapon types. They all share the same ability. The following translated description reads “Increases shield strength by 20%. For 8s after landing a hit, increases attack by 4%. Max 5 stacks, 0.3s per proc. In addition, when protected by a shield, increase the above attack buff effect by 100%”. This will likely synergize incredibly well with Xinyan’s Elemental Burst. 

Portable Teleporter 

Genshin Impact Portable Teleporter
Finally, players will be able to teleport anywhere on the map with the help of this new device.

This time-saving device will help you travel around the Teyvat in record time. As the name suggests, this Portable Teleporter can be placed anywhere and stays on the map for a maximum of seven days before eventually despawning. Whether you’ll have to complete a quest or purchase this item via in-game/real-world money remains to be seen.

Anemo Bottles 

Anemo Bottle screen Genshin Impact
This item will prove useful when you want to reach Teyvat’s trickier spots.

These bottles allow you to catch and store the game’s Anemo Wisps. Once caught, you can then release them out into the wild in order to create updrafts that you can use to fly into the sky. This is a great addition for any players that didn’t manage to get Venti. 

Food Bag 

Genshin Impact food bag screen
This handy bag will certainly save us a lot of time rummaging through the menus.

While Genshin Impact’s current inventory allows you to store anything you come across, going through the menus in order to eat life-saving food can prove rather frustrating. Fortunately, it looks like the 1.1 update will now allow you to hotkey up to two food items.

This will enable you to quickly select any food you wish to use without having to go through the various inventory menus. The hotkey feature will also auto-refill whenever you end up running out of your selected food type.

Portable Cooking Pot 

This portable cooking pot will keep your hunger at bay and give you the fighting spirit you need to keep exploring. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to stop your adventure in order to cook up a health-boosting meal. With the portable cooking pot, you’ll finally be able to cook on the go. 

Regional Talismans and Compasses

Genshin Impact Regional Talisman and compass screen
Obtaining the game’s Oculi should be much easier now.

These talismans supposedly let you track down Genshin Impact’s stamina-boosting Anemoculus and Geoculus. This feature is particularly helpful when you’re trying to seek out the game’s most well-hidden wisps of energy. If that wasn’t enough, the Compasses help you track down nearby chest locations. 

New Events and Rewards

Referral Event

Genshin Impact referral event
Get a friend to join Genshin Impact and reap the rewards.

Finally, existing Genshin Impact players can get some rewards for referring a friend. The initial referral will net you some Mora and when your friend reaches Adventure Rank 15, you’ll get some Primogems. The only stipulation is that you must be under AR 7 in order to use someone’s referral code. 

Food Delivery Event 

Food Delivery event
This event is certainly one way to explore the world of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact’s world is a big place and traveling across its enemy-filled landscapes can prove pretty difficult, especially for Teyvat’s normal denizens. As a result, a lot of folks end up missing out on their favorite snacks and food items.

However, the new Food Delivery event will reward you with Primogems for delivering various food across the land. Once you’ve successfully completed three deliveries, you’ll be given a bunch of new requests that you can fulfill. 

Gliding Event

Genshin Impact gliding event screen
Gliding is one of the best features of Genshin Impact, so this event will certainly prove popular.

The 1.1 update will add a total of seven Gliding racetracks. These aerial minigames will reward you based on both your completion time and the number of tokens you collect along the way. Each division (bronze, silver, gold) will have separate rewards, so you’ll need to be quick if you wish to get your hands on the best prizes. 

Unreturned Star Event

Unreturned Star Event Genshin Impact
Not much is known about the upcoming Unreturned Star Event, but you will be able to claim some rare items by participating in it.

The datamine didn’t uncover what the Unreturned Star event actually entails, but we do know that participating in it will reward you with shards that can be used to purchase various items from the limited-time shop. While we don’t have access to the complete rewards list, you will be able to grab yourself specific character ascension materials and a free Fischl. 

If you want to level up the rest of your Genshin Impact gameplay and find out about all the latest news, then be sure to check out our other features.