How to find secret Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact in Mondstadt

James Busby
Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest

There are plenty of treasure chests scattered around Genshin Impact’s massive open world, but some are much harder to find than others. Find out how you can uncover the Luxurious Chest that is hidden in Mondstadt and claim its rewards. 

The world of Teyvat is a big place and its Breath of the wild inspired world is filled with plenty of hidden treasures that are just waiting to be discovered. From secret islands to quest-specific dungeons, there’s always something new to uncover. It certainly seems that miHoYo have had a great time hiding the game’s rarest treasure chest, especially since so many of them require the player to complete some rather random task to unlock them. 

However, it’s only down to the curiosity and inquisitiveness of a few Genshin Impact players that we’ve been able to uncover some of the game’s most well-hidden treasures. In fact, a number of fans have discovered that one Luxurious Chest has been hidden in the game’s starting area of Mondstadt. In order to help you find this rare chest, we’ve put together a quick guide.

How to find the Luxury Chest in Mondstadt

Mondstadt Luxury Chest location
Head over to this exact point in Mondstadt to begin unlocking the Luxurious Chest.

Mondstadt is one of the very first areas players visit upon entering the world of Genshin Impact, so this chest can be incredibly easy to miss. This castle is home to the brave Knights of Favonius and it’s here where every player embarks upon their journey. Mondstadt serves as the central hub for accepting Daily Commissions, sending characters out on Expeditions, forging powerful weapons, purchasing supplies, and accepting various quests.

While the castle itself isn’t that big, there are enough characters and general activities in and around it that can distract you from uncovering this well-hidden secret. While there are plenty of Common and Exquisite chests to be found on atop the windmills and castle turrets, you’ll need to pay special attention if you wish to unlock the Luxurious Chest. 

To uncover the Luxurious Chest in Mondstadt, simply head over to the church courtyard. The courtyard is incredibly easy to spot as it has a giant statue in the very center, but if you can’t find it then head on over to the North West section of the castle. Once you’re in the courtyard, head over to the courtyard’s stairs and find the sparkling block pictured above.

Upon standing on this block, you should start to notice that rings begin to appear along the wall. Run through each ring until you get to the very end of the wall. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll be rewarded with a Luxurious Chest. It’s really that simple!

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