Crazy Genshin Impact swimming exploit gives players unlimited stamina

James Busby
Genshin Impact unlimited stamina

Genshin Impact players have been busy exploring the massive open-world of Teyvat, but some adventurers have found some truly game-changing exploits. Find out how you can swim forever with this unlimited stamina trick. 

Whether you love it or hate, Genshin Impact’s stamina bar is here to stay. This energy-filled meter dictates how long your character can run, climb, glide, swim, and perform deadly charged attacks. As a result, players will want to upgrade this feature as soon as possible. However, increasing your stamina bar can take a long time in Genshin Impact, especially if you’re just starting out. 

While treasure chests can be found literally everywhere in Genshin Impact, the very best loot often requires a little more effort to get to. In fact, certain quests and secret dungeons require players to swim across the game’s vast oceans or scale mighty cliffs in order to claim the rarest prizes. Of course, this can be incredibly difficult to do when you only have a slither of stamina. 

Fortunately, one crafty adventurer has discovered a game-changing trick that gives players unlimited stamina while swimming. Find out how you can use this trick yourself by using our handy guide below. 

How to recharge stamina while swimming in Genshin Impact

There’s nothing worse than spotting a hidden island and attempting to swim to it, only to find your stamina bar depletes just as you’re about to reach the shore. While ice users like Kaeya and Qiqi can freeze small bodies of water and get across uninhibited, they do rely on fairly long ability cooldowns. The above technique can certainly prove invaluable when you want to reach a particularly far off island, but it can take a frustratingly long time. 

However, one clever Genshin Impact player has found a nifty way you can regain your stamina while swimming. In order to do this trick, you’ll first need to find a body of water that has a nearby wall that you can climb onto. Simply begin swimming and as your character is about to run out of stamina, grab onto the wall and let go. 

As you’re falling, press the attack button to unleash a plunging attack. If done correctly, your character will quickly regain their stamina as they are falling. You should notice that your stamina bar has been replenished, allowing you to continue your aquatic adventure without any further mishaps. This process can be repeated so long as there is a nearby structure you can latch onto.

Be sure to use this unlimited stamina trick in Genshin Impact whenever you next go for a dip. If you want to level up the rest of your Genshin Impact gameplay, then be sure to check out our other tips guides.