Wild Hearts: How to find Leporine Fruit

Jessica Filby
Fruit Wild Hearts

If you want to get a boost for your Wild Hearts hunter, you’ll need to acquire the rare but powerful Leporine Fruit. Here’s how to find this fabled fruit.

Battling Kemono in Wild Hearts is considerably easier when you have some good food before the battle. One of the best foods to eat, depending on the Kemono you’re about to fight, is Leporine Fruits. They grant the hunter Wood Resilience (+3), Wood Boost (3%), and Attack Foil (1%), meaning they allow you to head into battle equipped and powerful.

However, actually locating Leporine Fruit in this large open-world game can be a challenge, especially since you won’t find it lying on the floor like Ancient Lumber. So, with that in mind, here’s how to find Leporine Fruits in Wild Hearts.

If you’re looking to find even more hard-to-get materials, check out our guides on how to find Mirror StoneLightstone, Pointed Scales, or Demon Rock.

Leporine Fruit location in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts fruit
Pet Gladefruit Hares to get some Leporine Fruit.

Unlike previous Wild Hearts materials like Pointed Scales where you have to take down a Kemono to get it, Leporine Fruit is given to players who prefer being kind rather than taking down everything they see.

To get Leporine Fruit in Wild Hearts, head to Harugasumi Way and pet the Gladefruit Hare dotted around the map. Petting these adorable creatures will grant you some Leporine Fruit, although you may need to pet them more than once to get the desired material.

Luckily, the Gladefruit Hares are completely harmless, even coming up to you rather than running away. This makes Leporine Fruit an incredibly easy resource to get when you know how and where to find it.

That’s how to find Leporine Fruit in Wild Hearts. While looking out for Gladefruit Hares or petting them until they drop your material, take a look at some of our other handy Wild Hearts guides and content:

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