Wild Hearts: All Kemono & how to defeat them

Wild Hearts creaturesElectronic Arts

Wild Hearts is an expansive monster-hunting experience filled with unique and deadly creatures to hunt. Here are all the creatures present within Wild Hearts and how you can defeat them.

The Wild Hearts creatures, otherwise known as Kemono are imposing monsters intent on manipulating the environment around them, causing extreme danger to the towns already present. These creatures are deadly, powerful, and often extremely tough for even an experienced hunter to battle.

Luckily, there’s a way for players to learn everything they can about the Kemono, as well as a few handy tips to help defeat them.

Wild Hearts KomonoElectronic Arts

Who are Kemono?

Kemono are the giant plant-inspired beasts in Wild Hearts. They are creatures that have undergone a unique evolution by fusing with the nature around them. This enables them to have unique elemental powers. They can modify the environment and use it against hunters and innocent civilians if not taken down.

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All Kemono in Wild Hearts

Altogether there are 14 different Kemono to hunt in Wild Hearts. Here’s a brief explanation of each creature as well as a few handy tips to help you defeat them. When we learn how to fight more of the Kemono we will be adding more tips so be sure to check back soon.

Golden Tempest

The Golden Tempest is a ferocious beast that closely resembles a saber-tooth tiger. This creature can shift from slow to lightning-fast at the flick of a switch and can be extremely powerful against any unprepared hunter.

How to fight it: We recommend taking cover when it attacks and using a celestial cannon from a distance. If you don’t have one of those, a bow can work but will take longer.

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Combining beautiful plant life with a disturbing rabid rat, the Ragetail is not to be underestimated. Its size is much smaller than other Kemono but with the tail, speed, and aerial attacks, the Ragetail can quickly fell even the most experienced of hunters.

How to fight it: Try to sever the tail as quickly as possible as this will swell in size when the Ragetail is angered. Stay close, attack the tail, and evade any powered-up attacks.


Sapscourge wild heartsElectronic Arts

The Sapscourge is weirdly adorable with its leafy mustache and fluffy exterior. Don’t be fooled though because this Kemono is a sap shooting pain and can quickly overwhelm solo players if they don’t evade properly.

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How to fight it: Avoiding those sap shots is vital as it’ll slow you down, the same goes for the pollen as that will knock you out. Ultimately, long range is great here, as is taking out its tail to reduce the range.


The Kingtusk is just as tough as it looks, with a fast running speed, a deadly charge, and surprisingly long range thanks to those tusks. Luckily, however, this is a large beast, meaning, when you get far enough into the game, you can climb onto it and wear it down with your Hunter’s Arm.

How to fight it: The best way is to climb onto its back and wear it down. If you can’t do that then use your Karakuri to form a barrier between its charge and you. When looking to take down a Kingtusk, Karakuri is your best bet.

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The Lavaback is a huge and deadly ape-like Kemono capable of dealing incredible damage from either short or long-range. It’s quick, filled with lava, and takes the quickest and most cunning hunters to truly fell this beast.

How to fight it: To fight the Lavaback you’ll first want to learn its moves and actions. Once you know what to expect you’ll be able to dodge out of the way and get a few attacks in between. On top of that, boost your elemental resistance with an elemental lantern, and don’t forget to eat!


The Deathstalker is somewhat mesmerizing and undeniably beautiful with its ice-wolf form. However, this Kemono is extremely overwhelming for either solo or co-op players, especially since it hunts in packs. If you’re in an icy region, keep an eye out for Deathstalkers as they certainly live up to their name.

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How to fight it: First, some elemental protection from ice will never go amiss. Then, you’ll want to target the icy armor the beasts cover themselves in, underneath that is the sweet spot.


AmaterasuElectronic Arts

If large creatures were bad enough, the Amaterasu takes the battle to the skies, preferring to swoop down on the hunter and then fly away from your attacks. This griffin-type Kemono is deadly and extremely tough to hit unless you’re prepared.

How to fight it: Ranged weapons are your best friend with this bird. Keep away from its sweeping attacks and look for the moment when it absorbs celestial thread, that’s your best time to strike. Also, when enraged, aim for the wings.

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This smaller porcupine-like Kemono is not to be underestimated, especially when it launches those painful spines. Any hunter’s biggest mistake with these animals is thinking they’re cute and harmless and then finding themselves quickly back at their camp, with a few spikes in them.

How to fight it: Karakuri is your best friend here as it will protect you from those nasty spikes. Simply hide behind your Karakuri and strike whenever the Goldshard stops to regrow its spines.


Another absolutely adorable creature any hunter will love and fear at the same time. This gliding creature will descend on you from cliff faces and the sky, so be sure to keep an eye out whenever you enter its territory.

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How to fight it: The Spineglider uses footholds to enable it to swoop in for an attack. Destroy the footholds to force it to lose balance and go in for your attack. Or, when it’s enraged, focus on the tail.


DreadclawElectronic Arts

From the first moments in Wild Hearts, we see an Earthbreaker and most will instantly think there’s no way they’ll be fighting a literal mountain. Unfortunately, you will, and it’s equally as scary every time. Luckily, there are a few ways to get this beast down.

How to fight it: Normal attacks won’t do anything to the Earthbreaker so you’ll need to look out for its weak spots. We recommend trying to stay away from it and really aiming for those weak spots when you can.

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Not all Kemono need to be fought and many hunters will find some so cute that they’ll want to leave them alone. Although this isn’t the case for the screeching Dreadclaw, even if it doesn’t pose much of a threat.

How to fight it: Honestly, anything works. They’re not that powerful and are mainly just annoying.


GritdogElectronic Arts

If you thought the Spineglider was cute then you’ll never want to fight the adorable Gritdog. This red panda-style Kemono is extremely passive and will likely never attack you.


Many feel a little bad for the Fumebeak, it’s not quite figured out how to work with nature, rather being poisoned slowly by its own abilities. In a similar fashion to the Gritdog, there’s no need to attack these birds, but a ranged weapon will do the trick if you want to.

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Inspired by a Peacock, the Emberplume was born of fire and beauty. It’s not great for those weak to fire but will likely not pose much of a threat to a hunter, although farmers with easily burnable crops render them a frustrating inconvenience.

Those are all the Kemono in Wild Hearts as well as some top tips to help take them down.