Wild Hearts Kingtusk: Weaknesses, armor, weapons & more

Kingtusk weaknessesElectronic Arts

Wild Hearts’ Kingtusk is the first challenging boss hunters come up against, making it a relatively tough fight, especially if you head in unprepared. Here’s how to defeat it along with its weaknesses, the best armor, weapons, and more.

When it comes to monster hunter games like Wild Hearts, challenging battles are inevitable. However, the best hunters always go into them fully prepared, whether that’s with the right weapon, knowledge, or food. This is entirely the case for the challenging Kingtusk, the first monster you come up against in Wild Hearts.

Luckily, to help you get through that tricky fight, there are a few tips and tricks. We’ve put together everything you need to know about defeating the Kingtusk including its weaknesses and the best weapons and armor for you to try out.

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Kingtusk weaknesses

Fighting the KingtuskElectronic Arts
Fighting the Kingtusk is no easy feat unless you know its weaknesses.


The Kingtusk is especially weak to fire, meaning if you’ve unlocked the torch Karakuri then place it down and deal some fantastic fire damage to this creature whenever you can.


Sure, the Kingtusks large body is ideal for players to hit, but its true weak spot is right on its head. Aim for there, preferably with fire and you’ll be taking down this Kemono quicker than ever.

Slashing and Piercing weapons

To help deal even more damage, try combining the headshots and fire with your slashing and piercing weapons. These include the Karakuri Katana, Nodachi, and the bow.

Best armor to use on the Kingtusk

Wild Hearts armorElectronic Arts
Any armor will fit the bill when fighting the Kingtusk, but some may help you a little more than others.

With the notion being that you’ll be relatively new to the game when first fighting the Kingtusk, you’ll only have a choice of three armor sets.

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The best armor you can put on for the first Kingtusk is the Young Samurai set. The Kingtusk deals brute damage over anything particularly elemental so you’re better off going for direct protection instead. However, it’s worth seeing what works best for you and not being afraid to hunt a few different creatures to gain some handy resources, skills, and perhaps some new armor.

Best weapon for the Kingtusk

Wild hearts bowElectronic Arts
A Bow is long-ranged, powerful, and perfect for the Kingtusk.

As previously mentioned, one of the Kingtusks’ weaknesses is Slashing and Piercing weapons. With that and the sheer size of this Kemono in mind, we recommend using the Bow.

While not extremely high in damage, it has the versatility and distance to keep you safe, while still dealing huge damage on those vital weak spots.

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How to defeat the Kingtusk in Wild Hearts

Kingtusk Wild HeartsElectronic Arts
Fighting the Kingtusk is a long battle, but it’s worth all the effort.

It’s no secret that the Kingtusk is the first challenge many come up against in Wild Hearts, so you need to approach the fight carefully, preferably with friends or other hunters.

When getting into the battle, your Bulwark Karakuri is the best defense you’ll have. Whenever you see the Kingtusk begin to charge, by lowering its head and pawing the ground, quickly build a Bulwark and you’ll be safe from its attack.

Then, while fighting, try to aim for its weak spots that are located on the blue markers around its body. Ripping this out will hurt it considerably and increase your thread storage, ideal for more protection and agility. Using a bow on its weak spots or even fire will help combine all its weaknesses and really take this beast down quickly.

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However, while going on the offense is the only real way you’ll be able to do damage, the Kingtusk has extremely high health, meaning dodging is a must. The main tip to defeating the Kingtusk in Wild Hearts is to be patient. Attack when there’s an opening and dodge as much as you can or it’ll quickly send you back to your camp.

Lastly, before getting into any battle, be sure to eat some food. This will help you boost some handy stats without needing to work too hard.

By following these tips, you should find the Kingtusk to be a little easier than before, although it will still be a challenge, after all, it is still a boss. While waiting for players to join your hunt or preparing to go in alone, take a look at some of our other handy Wild Hearts content and guides:

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