How to play multiplayer in Wild Hearts: Campfire, Hunters’ Gates & more

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Wild Hearts Multiplayer

Fighting Kemono in Wild Hearts is considerably easier with a few friends by your side to either deal tons of damage, or keep the hits off you. But how do you enable Wild Hearts’ multiplayer? We’ve got all the answers right here.

Wild Hearts is a thrilling monster-hunting experience filled with deadly battles, challenging Kemono, and plenty of crafting. Luckily, those battles and Kemono can be made considerably easier with a little help from fellow hunters. Thanks to Wild Hearts’ multiplayer capabilities, hunters are able to aid each other in battle and help fell that tricky beast.

However, while it does have multiplayer options, the lack of explanation during the tutorial does have many wondering how they can play multiplayer in Wild Hearts. With that in mind, we’ve got every way you can play with friends or fellow hunters in this adventure game.

How to play with friends in Wild Hearts

There are three ways to enjoy multiplayer in Wild Hearts, whether that’s with friends or strangers. Here are all the ways you can play multiplayer on Wild Hearts.

The Campfire

Playing online with a campfire Wild Hearts

The first, and arguably the easiest way to play with friends is to use the campfire at your chosen campsite. This will allow you to play online and

These campfires can be located anywhere you want, simply press the respective button to get you into the building menu and craft a campfire. From here, click ‘Play Online’ then either search or create a session.

Hunters’ Gates

Hunters gate Wild Hearts

The next option is through a Hunters’ Gate. This will allow you to select a specific creature you want to hunt and fight it with friends or other players.

Simply press your respective button, select the creature you want to fight and you’ll join forces with other players looking to do the same thing.

Requesting Assistance

Requesting assistance Wild Hearts

Requesting assistance can only be done when you’re going to fight a large Kemono. It will likely come up if you’re heading into a large fight, or alternatively, you can head over to your map and request assistance from there.

Simply open your map, hover over the Kemono you want to fight, and request assistance to kick in Wild Hearts’ multiplayer mode. There’s no guarantee anyone will aid you but it’s always worth a try when playing solo.

That’s how you can play multiplayer on Wild Hearts to better take down those Kemono with friends. While waiting for your friends to join the game, take a look at some of our other Wild Hearts content and guides:

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