Wild Hearts: How to find Giant Kemono Gems

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Materials like Giant Kemono Gems are vital in a monster hunting game Wild Hearts. They help you increase your power, stay alive longer, and improve your hunter. So, here’s how to find those rare Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts is all about skill, powerful weapons, Karakuri, and the right materials for the job. After all, you can’t upgrade your weapons or protect yourself with the right armor without the materials you need to regularly upgrade them.

One such material is the Giant Kemono Gem, an extremely useful resource that seems incredibly rare, especially when there are not many ways to get hold of it. So, with its rarity and important nature in mind, here’s how to find Giant Kemono Gems in this monster-hunting game.

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Giant Kemono Gems location in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Demon Rock locationElectronic Arts
Fight this giant beast to get hold of Giant Kemono Gems.

Upon getting hold of a Giant Kemono Gem, the description will read, “Material obtained from a Kemono that harbors a mysterious power, and is rumored to offer much more than its obvious decorative beauty.” Just from the description alone, we can assume that you’ll need to either hunt or pet Kemonos to acquire this rare item.

So, while Giant Kemono Gems don’t have a specific location, they do have a specific way of obtaining them, namely killing some extremely large, and deadly Kemono.

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Luckily, however, there are two different Kemono you can fight to get hold of Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts.

The first is the Earthbreaker, unlocked later on in the main story. This is a tough battle and an incredibly large Kemono, but once you’ve defeated it, you’ll get some Giant Kemono Gems to help upgrade your weapons and armor.

The second Kemono you can fight for this material is a Mighty Goldshard. This is found after Chapter 3 and will only be available on Mighty Hunts. Defeating these can give you some Giant Kemono Gems but it is a rare drop so nothing is guaranteed.

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Ultimately, if you want a reliable source of Giant Kemono Gems, we recommend fighting the Earthbreaker purely for the guarantee of the material as a reward.

So, that’s how you can find Giant Kemono Gems in Wild Hearts. While hunting the Earthbreaker or trying to progress through the story, take a look at some of our other handy Wild Hearts guides and content:

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