Wild Hearts: How to find Pointed Scales

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Wild Hearts is filled with materials to help you become a better hunter. One such material is Pointed Scales, a resource vital for upgrading or creating weapons and armor. Here’s how to find Pointed Scales as well as how to get hold of it.

There are plenty of ways to increase your power as a hunter in Wild Hearts, whether that’s through gaining skill as a player, better armor, or upgrading your weapons. While we can’t help too much with the skill, we can help with the upgrading – specifically those that need Pointed Scales.

Throughout this open-world game published by EA, players will find they need Pointed Scales to continue improving their gear. Unfortunately, there’s not much explanation as to how to find this elusive material. That’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to know about tracking down the resource in Wild Hearts.

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If you’re looking to find more hard-to-get materials, check out our guides on how to find Ancient Lumber, Mirror Stone, or Lightstone.

Pointed Scales location in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts materialsElectronic Arts
Hunt the Nightshade and Shardshower Monitors to get Pointed Scales.

You’ll find Pointed Scales in two locations, Akikure Canyon and Fuyufusagi Fort, making it a material you’ll only be able to find after you’ve completed chapter one.

Unfortunately, getting hold of Pointed Scales isn’t as easy as some of the other resources. You’ll need to take down a Kemono instead of simply harvesting it from a wall or the floor, so make sure you come ready for a fight.

Once you find yourself in one of the two locations, keep an eye out for either Nightshade Monitors (in Akikure Canyon) or Shardshower Monitors (In Fuyufusagi Fort). Hunting these creatures and harvesting them after will grant you some Pointed Scales.

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They shouldn’t be too hard of a fight with the right Karakuri and weapon by your side.

So, those are all the locations you’ll need to check out if you’re looking for some Pointed Scales. While hunting at the Nightshade or Shardshower Monitors, why not take a look at some of our other Wild Hearts guides and content:

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