Wild Hearts: How to find Mirror Stone

Mirror Stone Wild Hearts locationElectronic Arts

Mirror Stone is an extremely valuable resource in Wild Hearts but it can be pretty elusive, especially given its mid-game location. So, here’s how to find Mirror Stone and upgrade those weapons.

Wild Hearts is a thrilling monster hunter game with a variety of weapons, armor, Karakuri, and materials to collect, all helping enhance your career as a hunter. However, finding certain materials as you travel can be tricky, especially if they’re as elusive as Mirror Stones.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together all the Mirror Stone locations in Wild Hearts to help you upgrade your weapons and armor, or just to prepare for future battles.

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Wild Hearts Mirror Stone location

Wild Hearts Mirror StoneElectronic Arts
The Mirror Stone is easy to spot on the walls of tunnels.

Mirror Stone can only be found in Akikure Canyon, making it one of the later resources you’ll be able to get.

Akikure Canyon is the fourth region you will unlock so you’ll need to start hunting for it after completing Chapter 1.

Once you’ve done so, Mirror Stones are relatively easy to find. We recommend looking in the underground tunnels since that’s where they spawn frequently. Just watch out for any dangerous Kemono since they tend to hide in the same location and can easily creep up on the player when they’re mining.

So, those are all the places you can find Mirror Stones in Wild Hearts. Be sure to take a look at some of our other handy Wild Hearts guides and content:

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