Wild Hearts: How to find Demon Rock

Jessica Filby
Wild Hearts Demon Rock location

Improving weapons and armor in Wild Hearts requires Demon Rock. As such an important resource can be tricky to find, here’s the best location for Demon Rock in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts has a bit of everything, from Kemono hunting, Karakuri creating, exploration, and material gathering. In fact, without collecting multiple materials, you can’t effectively fight Kemono since your weapons and armor will likely not be up to scratch. So, you need to get hold of some useful resources, like the hard-to-get Demon Rock.

Such materials like Demon Rock can be tricky to find in this open-world game, especially since they only appear in one, late-game location. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about how to find Demon Rock in Wild Hearts, as well as a distinct location inside that region.

If you’re looking to find even more hard-to-get materials, check out our guides on how to find Ancient LumberMirror Stone, Lightstone, or Pointed Scales.

Demon Rock location in Wild Hearts

Demon Rock Wild Hearts Location
You’ll need to head to a specific location in Fuyufusagi Fort.

Demon Rock can be found in Fuyufusagi Fort – one of the Wild Hearts locations that becomes available at the end of Chapter three.

We recommend traveling to the Cavern Camp, located on the southwest of the Fort. Once you’re there, head north along the Snowy Otsuki Path until you reach a fork in the road.

Then, head left, down Chilling Lane and keep an eye out for any Demon Rock along the cavern walls. It looks like a bright orange stone.

That’s how you can find Demon Rocks in Wild Hearts. While heading over to Fuyufusagi Fort and finding the perfect cavern, take a look at some of our other handy Wild Hearts guides and content to help you on your way:

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