Redfall: What are Grave Locks and where to find them

Andrew Highton
vampire looking at sky in redfall

Redfall features Grave Locks as one of its main collectibles and will reward players for finding them. For more information on them and how they affect your game, our guide will help you out.

When you’re not too busy maiming vampires or chasing achievements in Redfall, you’ve got Grave Locks to find. These fascinating collectibles add a ton of backstory to the creation of the threat, all helping you cultivate your knowledge of the game’s lore.

Grave Locks are also well worth seeking out as they can reward you with handy goodies. If you’re unsure of what they do, their purpose, or what you can get for locating them, we’ve got you covered.

grave locks info in redfall

What are Grave Locks in Redfall?

Grave Locks have two functions in Redfall, they are an audio log collectible that provides additional lore-building information, and they also aid psychic residue generation, ergo your Ultimate ability.

When you pick a Grave Lock up, it will replay a memory of a person connected to it. You’ll learn more about Redfall and the events that culminated in the vampire outbreak, and also help out your own gameplay in the process. Not only that, but they will also grant passive bonuses when you reach certain thresholds too.

Whichever reason you favor, it’s highly beneficial for you to seek out these collectible items.

Where to find Grave Locks in Redfall?

There are tons of Grave Locks in Redfall and are quite literally anywhere! The in-game description states that they can be found in “hidden caches and hard to reach places.”

To help you out, here’s an example of a couple of Grave Locks to help you out.

I’m Sorry

To find Redfall’s ‘I’m Sorry’ Grave Lock, head to Sedgewick. You will find a big roundabout right next to the edge of the area, leading to Old Town. Facing the plaque on the roundabout’s monument, turn left and you should see a fire escape on the side of a building.

Jump on the dumpster to get up the stairs and hop onto the roof. Follow the roof across and climb up onto the adjacent roof and immediately turn around. You will see a dead body sitting in the corner and the Grave Lock will be there.


This one can be found in Dead Catch Records in Basswood. Clear the area and head on inside. Make your way to the back room and the Grave Lock will be just behind a fallen set of shelves.

So, like any open-world title, make sure you search every nook and cranny. You will find a majority of Grave Locks off the beaten path.

That’s all you need to know about Grave Locks in Redfall. For more information and tips on the game, check out our other guides for the shooter down below:

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