How long is Redfall? Main story length & completionist run

Jessica Filby
Redfall shooting a cultist

Redfall is a highly anticipated Xbox exclusive filled with dangerous battles, creepy monsters, and a large open-world environment – but how long does it take to complete Redfall? We’ve got the answer.

Redfall is an extremely anticipated title, developed by Dishonored’s Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda. However, with the nature of the game being both an open-world RPG with co-op and an exciting single-player experience, many are wondering how long they can enjoy the mystical town.

Many players may be wondering how long Redfall is and how long it will take to complete the game. So, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Redfall’s main story length and how long it’ll take for a completionist run.

How long is Redfall?

Redfall vampire looking at the sun
Redfall isn’t the longest campaign out there, but it’s by no means short.

Thanks to an interview with Wccftech, we know that it will take roughly 20 hours to complete Redfall’s main campaign.

However, as Redfall Creative Director, Harvey Smith explains that it will likely take longer for many, “especially if you do Safe Houses, Nests, exploring the whole world,” and all the other available features.

With that in mind, while there’s no exact time for a completionist run, we can predict it will likely be longer than 30 hours to explore all the safe houses, take down all the nests, and complete the main storyline without rushing too much.

So, that’s how long Redfall’s story will be and how long you can expect to play if you’re looking to explore everything and complete every quest. While waiting for the game to release, take a look at some of our other Redfall guides and content:

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