Will Redfall be open world?

Andrew Highton
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Redfall is the spiritual successor to both Dishonored and Deathloop and Arkane Studios are once again at the helm for this new venture. The other franchises are semi-open-world games, so will Redfall follow suit?

Fueled by a recipe of creativity and fluid gameplay, Redfall is the latest project from the brilliant minds at Arkane Studios. Their portfolio already includes Dishonored and Deathloop, so there’s a lot of expectation for Redfall.

There is a mixture of single-player and multiplayer components in the game and there will be several playable characters to choose from.

The made-up location of Redfall, based in the US, will provide players with a lot of square feet to set foot in. But interested parties are questioning if Arkane is sticking to their typical semi-open-world formula, or if they’re expanding their vision for the game.

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Does Redfall have an open world?

In an interview with IGN, Redfall designer Harvey Smith confirmed that Redfall will feature authentic open-world design.

Interestingly, Smith pointed out that they’ve had to tone down the nature of the format as Redfall was “too open” at one point. The location is described as being very accessible with tons of rooftops and streets for players to maneuver around the city.

“What would the Arkane DNA look like in the open world?” Smith asks. “The way we do resources, scrounging for ammo and medical stuff and lock picks, and the way we approach buildings — there’s multiple entries and problem to gameplay encounters, there’s multiple ways you can approach it. What would it be like to work together?” said Smith.

Dishonored was split up into mostly linear missions, whereas Deathloop featured a handful of fairly open areas. Redfall will represent a serious leap forward for the developer in terms of freedom, and fans of Arkane will no doubt be anticipating the title.

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