Will Redfall be on Steam Deck?

Redfall vampires Steam DeckBethesda / Arkane Austin

Redfall is one of Bethesda’s most highly anticipated titles in 2023 and continues to envelop fans with its chaotic Vampire hunting and spooky, yet mysterious nature – but will you be able to play it wherever you go on your Steam Deck? We have all the answers here.

Redfall will be one of two huge Xbox-exclusive titles coming in 2023, with the other being Starfield. However, despite the game being released on Xbox, we can also expect to see Redfall releasing on PC, which leads many to ask one thing, can you play Redfall on Steam Deck?

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After all, there’s nothing quite like taking your favorite new game out wherever you go, especially if you can play with friends. With that in mind, we’ve put together everything you need to know about whether Redfall will be on Steam Deck as well as how it might run on the portable console.

Is Redfall on Steam Deck?

Redfall vampire looking at the sunBethesda / Xbox
The constant internet connection will prove to be an issue with your Steam Deck.

While it’s hard to say whether Redfall will be on the Steam Deck due to the lack of confirmation from the developers as of yet, we can likely assume that Redfall will not be compatible with the console, although it will likely be able to work with the right setting changes.

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The incompatibility is primarily due to reports that Redfall will require a constant internet connection to enter and explore the world, no matter whether you’re playing solo or with friends. That requirement means it likely won’t work too well for a portable console and will be better off on another platform.

However, it’s also worth noting that there has yet to be any confirmation regarding Redfall appearing on the Steam Deck, so keep an eye out for any updates when more information is released.

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