What is the max level in Redfall?

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An adventurous project from Arkane Studios, Redfall looks to blend cooperative action with all the trademark gameplay the studio is known for. So let’s run you through the highest level you can achieve in the game.

Redfall is yet another different path that Arkane Studios have opted to go down instead of doing a direct follow-up to Deathloop like they did Dishonored.

The open-world, first-person shooter will see players attempting to overcome the threat of vampires and it shows that Redfall has some extra bite to it.

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Tieing into its genre, Redfall allows players to earn XP for completing missions, and this in turn will allow players to level up. If you’re wondering what the max level is, then we have all the answers for you.

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Redfall highest level cap explained

In a wccftech interview with Harvey Smith, Studio Director for Arkane, he explained that players will be able to max out at Level 40 in Redfall.

Here’s what the man himself had to say on the subject: “Yes, it’s level 40. If you do one playthrough, you’ll probably get to level 12 or 15, which means you won’t have all the powers.”

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The implication is that players are encouraged to undergo and complete several playthroughs of Redfall to max out their character and presumably unlock a ton of cool abilities in the process.

With multiple characters to choose from to vary up the gameplay and also DLC already announced to be in development for Redfall, here’s a lot of incentive for players to stick with the game and max out their player level.

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