Redfall voice cast: All characters and voice actors

Jessica Filby
All Redfall main characters

Redfall is filled with some incredibly colorful main characters – but who voices these newly appointed Vampire hunters, and hopefully town-savers? Here are all the voice actors for the main characters of Redfall.

Redfall is a highly anticipated co-op experience where players are tasked with taking down the deadly Vampires who’ve taken over the once-calm seaside town of Redfall. Whether you’re working alone or with three friends, there are few elements more important than choosing the right character for the job.

After all, you’re going to be hearing and playing as them throughout the game, so it’s vital you pick one you will enjoy. So, who is voicing these unique characters? Here are all the voice actors for Redfall’s main characters.


All voice actors and characters in Redfall

There are only four main characters in Redfall, with the rest of the appearances being NPCs, Vamps, Cultists, or other less-than-friendly creatures. Here are all the main voice actors, the characters they play, and where you may have heard them before.

Jacob Boyer – Yuri Lowenthal

Jacob Boyer Redfall
Yuri Lowenthal is arguably the most recognizable voice actor in Redfall.

Jacob Boyer is a deadly military sharpshooter who, after an almost fatal encounter with a certain Vampire, gained a rather unique eye and the psychic ability to call upon a raven for aid.

Jacob Boyer will be played by Yuri Lowenthal, known for his part as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man 2018 video game, or his role as He-Man in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Needless to say, most video game or TV fans will have heard Yuri Lowenthal’s voice many times before.

Layla Ellison – Queen Noveen

Layla Ellison character in Redfall
Queen Noveen plays the telekinetic student, Layla Ellison.

Layla Ellison seems to be a fan favorite among those preparing for Redfall’s release. This is entirely understandable given her telekinetic powers, which were granted to her during a volunteer medical trial that went very wrong.

This character will be played by Queen Noveen, best known for her role as Vanessa Jones in Friday the 13th: The Game among many other TV shows and video games.

Devinder Crousley – Kamal Khan

Devinder Redfall
Kamal Khan plays the jokey but powerful Devinder Crousley.

The rather comedic Devinder Crousley is an internet star who made his money acting as a paranormal investigator, except now, while in Redfall, he finds that all those superstitions and ‘Vampire hunting techniques’ finally work.

Devinder will be played by Kamal Khan. Many Fallout Fans will recognize Khan’s voice in Fallout 76 as Dr. Jain, or his part in XCOM: Chimera Squad and Destruction AllStars.

Remi De La Rosa – Adriana Isabel

Redfall character Remi De La Rosa voice actor
With her trusty robot by her side, Remi De La Rosa is more than capable of taking down pesky Vampires.

Where Layla is relatively chaotic and is well aware of how unequipped she is to fight Vampires, Remi De La Rosa is almost the polar opposite. She’s cool, calm, and calculated, using her history as a combat engineer to take down the enemy along with her adorable robot companion.

Remi De La Rosa will be played by Adriana Isabel, a voice actor relatively new to the video game scene, with Redfall being her first major video game voice acting credit.

So, those are all the voice actors playing the main characters in Redfall. While waiting for the game to come out, take a look at our Redfall hub to ensure you’re fully prepared to take down those tricky blood-suckers.