Redfall: How to find the three dolls in The House of Echoes

dr addison mansion in redfallArkane Studios

If you’re struggling with Redfall’s The House of Echoes quest and can’t find the mission’s three dolls, fear not as we’ve whipped up a quick and handy guide showing you how to find them.

Arkane has included a bunch of sizable main missions for you to complete in Redfall. After all, any excuse to kill vampires for longer is a good thing. While the game hasn’t lived up to the lofty heights of previous Arkane titles, many players are still getting stuck in thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

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One mission that you’re sure to come across is The House of Echoes quest. It’s a compulsory mission as part of the game’s overarching campaign, and is one of the showcase missions. You’re required to uncover the mystery behind Dr. Addison and see if you can unearth clues pertaining to Redfall’s vampire outbreak.

If you need assistance or you’re stuck, our guide has some useful tips.

How to find The House of Echoes quest in Redfall

To activate The House of Quest in Redfall, you need to first complete Giving You Tomorrow, a mission that gets to the bottom of who Dr. Addison and the Hollow Man are. Once you’ve done this, you’ll eventually receive the option to continue the story.

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Here’s the mission description for The House of Echoes: “The Aevum film you recovered showed Dr. Addison’s transformation into a monster called the Hollow Man. He worked out of a private lab in his home that might hold clues to stopping him and undoing the vampire threat in Redfall. Travel to the Addison Mansion and search for his lab.”

dollhouse in redfall house of echoes questArkane Studios

Where to find the three dolls in The House of Echoes quest in Redfall

You will need to find three dolls for the dollhouse in The House of Echoes mission – and they are scattered in and around Dr. Addison’s mansion in Redfall. You will need to reach the marker on the map to start things off.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to The House of Echoes dolls:

  1. Before you enter Dr. Addison’s Mansion, you can find the first doll in the greenhouse behind the Mansion sitting on the corner of a wall.
  2. Next up, the second doll is in the house and it’s in the kitchen on a chopping board.
  3. The third and final doll requires the Loft Key – which can be found in a room on the second floor sat on a box next to a four-post bed.
  4. With the Loft Key in hand, go upstairs to the Mansion’s attic and unlock it.
  5. The third doll will be in the middle of some boxes lying out in the open on the floor.

With all three dolls in hand, you will now be able to place them in the dollhouse and continue on with the rest of the mission!

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