How to clear the Red Mist in Redfall

Red Mist RedfallBethesda / Arkane Austin

Feeling frustrated with the endless deadly Red Mist dotted around Redfall? Here’s how you can clear it without risking your life.

Redfall is filled with dangers from crazy cultists to deadly vampires, but sometimes it’s the world around you that really causes problems. This is the case for the Red Mist many will have come across. Even dipping your toe into that mist will cause your character to take damage, making it an element best avoided, or destroyed.

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Luckily, you can destroy those elemental frustrations, and once you know how it becomes less of a pest and more of a way to get hold of Psychic Residue. So, here’s how to get rid of the Red Mist in this supernatural game.

How to get rid of the Red Mist in Redfall

Clearing the Red Mist in RedfallBethesda / Arkane Austin
Destroy these Bloodbag creatures to get rid of the Red Mist.

Red Mist is extremely frustrating in Redfall and can be the difference between succeeding or succumbing to the vampires around you, luckily, with some handy UV rays, you can easily clear that Red Mist in Redfall.

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Destroy the Spewing Bloodbags using UV light

When coming up to some Red Mist, you’ll likely see a creepy version of a Bloodbag in the middle, with that creature spewing out the deadly vapor. This is the element you need to destroy to clear the Red Mist.

To do so, you need a UV weapon which will in turn cause the Bloodbag to turn to stone. Then run into and destroy the statue, punching it will work fine. With the creature destroyed, you’ll get some handy Psychic Residue and the mist will clear. Sometimes, if the mist is relatively vast, there will be more than one Bloodbag so be sure to check it all out first.

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So, that’s how you can destroy the annoying Red Mist in Redfall. While exploring the world and taking down the vampire infestation, take a look at some of our other handy Redfall guides and content:

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