Does Redfall have fast travel?

Andrew Highton
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To speed up your vampire hunting in Redfall, fans are wondering if fast travel has been included. Many RPGs and bigger sandbox titles include the option to fast travel, so does Redfall follow suit?

Arkane have a new project, Redfall, and it’s the spiritual successor to their other first-person franchises – Dishonored and Deathloop. The multiplayer shooter sees players team up, or ride solo, as they take on vampires in the fictional town of Redfall.

Alongside the act of eradicating vampires, players will also be able to explore the town to see what secrets are lurking around every corner. As you progress further through the game with your custom-picked character, you’ll inevitably unlock more locations and landmarks to revisit.

If you’re a player that wants to cut down on additional traveling or just wants to speed things up, then let’s run through fast travel and if it exists in Redfall.

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Is fast travel in Redfall?

We can confirm that fast travel is a feature in Redfall and becomes a fairly easy and accessible feature to utilize throughout the game.

Fast travel will become available from the second you gain access to another location on the map. It doesn’t trigger with a main story mission or a certain event, fast travel is permanently active.

How to fast travel in Redfall

Quite simply, if you want to fast travel in Redfall, you need to open up the game’s map and select one of the other fast travel spots – or landmarks – and press on it.

A quick loading screen later should see you arrive at your destination. This is the same rinse-and-repeat set of instructions anytime you want to use fast travel in Redfall. You will be able to cancel your travel if you so desire too, so that’s something to consider.

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