What is Psychic Residue in Redfall & how to get it?

Redfall Psychic ResidueBethesda / Arkane Austin

Psychic Residue is vital in Redfall and can be the difference between winning a battle or becoming a vampire’s next meal. So, here’s everything you need to know about Psychic Residue in Redfall as well as how to get hold of it.

There’s plenty to do in Redfall, from hunting vampires to completing quests and solving puzzles, but few of the game’s elements are as important as the resources you bring along with you. One such resource is Psychic Residue, a feature that can easily turn the tide of a battle.

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However, with a rather limited explanation, many players are wondering what Psychic Residue really is, and more importantly, how they can get hold of Psychic Residue in Redfall. So, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Psychic Residue in Redfall?

Psychic Residue is the resource you need to use your character’s ultimate in Redfall. When you collect a certain amount of Psychic Residue your ultimate ability will be unlocked, which you can find at the bottom left of your screen.

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Enacting your special ability will often change the tide of the battle, or give you a great boost so it’s important to use it when you need to, and to constantly seek out Psychic Residue throughout Redfall’s open world.

How to get Psychic Residue in Redfall

Redfall cultistBethesda / Arkane Austin
Cultists may have some handy Residue on them upon death.

There are a fair few ways to get Psychic Residue in Redfall, but it’s primarily achieved by killing vampires, although you can occasionally obtain Psychic Residue from cultists, or from removing that tricky Red Mist.

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Kill vampires

Killing vampires is probably the most efficient way to get hold of more Psychic Residue in Redfall. After all, there are quite a few dotted around the map.

All you need to do is pick some fights with a few vampires and you should see the Psychic Residue come floating in. It looks like a blue orb, so make sure you grab it after staking the enemy.

Collect Cultist’s jars

Alternatively, you can keep an eye out for cultist’s jars which carry some Psychic Residue, although this is relatively rare and isn’t the best way to farm a ton before heading into a tricky battle.

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One important element to note is the fact that you’ll need to break these jars open when you find them so make sure you look around when battling these creepy cultists.

Remove the Red Mist

Redfall Red MistBethesda / Arkane Austin
The Red Mist is tricky but it’s incredibly useful.

Alternatively, if you prefer a less aggressive approach, removing the Red Mist is another way to grab a fair amount of Psychic Residue. Removing the mist and destroying the Bloodbag in the middle will grant you a fair amount of the resource.

If you need help removing the Red Mist in Redfall, then take a look at our handy guide detailing everything you need to know.

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Grave Locks

Finally, as a special mention, Grave Locks are ideal for Psychic Residue. Although finding Grave Locks doesn’t grant you any Psychic Residue, it does give you a bonus to your resource regeneration, meaning you’ll get more bang for your buck.

That’s everything you need to know about Psychic Residue in Redfall. For more information about the game or other handy guides, take a look at some of our other Redfall content:

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