How to claim Black Desert Mobile Prime Gaming reward drops (May 2022)

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Black Desert Mobile is a giant MMO that has managed to attract a large number of players and here are the free rewards that they can obtain through the Prime Gaming scheme in May 2022.

It may not be quite as popular as other leading MMOs such as World of Warcraft, but Black Desert Mobile has been able to attract a healthy following in addition to its larger Black Desert Online version.

The world is a full RPG journey in which players can battle other characters, fish, and take part in epic sieges. The fantasy game comes with all the usual in-game loot and XP that an MMO would be expected to have, but if you’re a Prime Gaming subscriber, then you have even more resources to acquire on top of this.

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Free items can only enhance your time with Black Desert Mobile.

What Black Desert Mobile rewards can be obtained through Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming lets Black Desert Mobile gamers gain access to a handful of useful items that can only be gained exclusively through Amazon’s paid subscription model.

If you do have Prime Gaming, then this is what you can expect to receive in May 2022 for Black Desert Mobile:

  • Prime Holy Vial of Light Chest

It’s rather scant pickings on the Black Desert Mobile front, but it’s still a great item to receive nonetheless.

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The process for getting your goodies is easy to follow.

How to claim Black Desert Mobile Prime Gaming rewards for May 2022

Before you can claim your free rewards, you obviously need to have an active Amazon Prime account.

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In order to claim your rewards:

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming website
  2. Search for ‘Black Desert Mobile
  3. Click this month’s reward
  4. The select ‘Claim code’
  5. Go onto the game itself and select the ‘Gift’ option
  6. Now navigate to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Redeem Coupon’
  7. Enter your code
  8. Your goodies will now be sent to your in-game mailbox for you to acquire and use!

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