Asmongold explains why he quit playing Black Desert Online

Lawrence Scotti
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Asmongold/Pearl Abyss

Twitch star Asmongold told his viewership why he stopped playing Black Desert Online after joining a very intense guild that wanted more of his time and energy.

Asmongold has played many MMO’s in his day. While he’s the king of World of Warcraft on Twitch, he’s also flexed his muscles in other games like Final Fantasy XIV and New World.

He also played the lesser mentioned Black Deserto Online, or BDO. The sandbox MMO, developed and published by Korean studio Pearl Abyss, was brought over to America in 2016, which was when Asmon first built up a penchant for it.

Now, the Twitch icon has given a closer look into his time with the game and his decision to not play it any longer.

asmongold talking to camera
YouTube: Asmongold
Asmongold has played tons and tons of MMO games.

Asmongold on leaving Black Desert Online

The streamer was live on his secondary account zackrawrr when he went into detail about his fondness for BDO, and why he eventually called it quits.

Asmon said that he was in a “super sweaty, big d**k” guild called Gravity, which took the game quite seriously.

“A friend got me into the guild, and it was really, really fun. But they wanted me to be on for siege practice, they wanted me to be on for sieges, and I had to do a bunch of different playing the game, and it was just exhausting.”

He continued, “To do that and to also stream and play WoW, I felt like I had too many obligations. Instead of taking a step back and not taking BDO as seriously, I just quit the game. If I’m not ready to go big d**k, I don’t wanna go d**k at all.”

For Asmongold, if he cannot fully commit to a game, he doesn’t see much of a reason to put it on the back burner.