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Black Desert Online codes (May 2022): How to claim free BDO loot

Published: 11/May/2022 13:31 Updated: 11/May/2022 13:32

by Lauren Bergin


Black Desert Online promo codes are perfect for helping you level up your warrior, so here are all of the current BDO codes in May 2022, as well as how to claim them.

Thrusting players into a world torn apart by war, Black Desert Online pits fans against one another in a never-ending battle for glory, honor, and, of course, bragging rights.

In order to topple your rival nation, you’ll need to have some seriously good gear behind you. While you can accumulate treasure troves full of loot throughout your in-game travels, you can also use a whole host of promo codes to top up your inventory.


Looking for the latest BDO codes to help you etch your character into the history books? Here are all of the current codes in May 2022 and how you can enter them in-game to claim your rewards.

Updated May 11, 2022, to add new codes. Some codes expired.


black desert online bdo male archer with white hair shoots golden bow
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert Online has some stunning-looking characters, and promo codes can help you take yours to a new level.

BDO codes (May 2022)

Below we’ve listed all of the available Black Desert Online promo codes, and have ensured that they are working as of May 11, 2022.

With Cron Stones, Collection Incense Scrolls, and even a Weapon Exchange Coupon up for grabs, there are lots of items just waiting to be added to your inventory:

Code Reward
1x Courser’s Aura

1x Rare Courser Training Box

1x Unbridled Celerity Draught

2x Advice of Satefy
3x Item Collection Increase Scroll
HAPP-YBRT-DAYE-RICA 15 x Cron Stones

5 x Memory Fragments

1 x Collection Increase Scroll Wanderer’s Star

ONLY-1ONE-MORE-1DAY 10x Valks’ Cry

Shakatu’s Shiny Box (Combat and Life)

15 x Cron Stone

5x Memory Fragment

1x Collection Increase Scroll Wanderer’s Star

3DAY-TILL-DRAK-ANIA 100 x Cron Stone

5 x Collection Increase Scroll

1 x Box of Luck
5x Artisan’s Memory

1 x Inventory +4 Expansions Coupon

50x Ancient Spirit Dust

1x Lara’s Warm Black Tea

2DAY-TILL-ETER-NALW Immortality of Memory



2x Destiny

SEAR-CHFO-RTHE-GMCM Dragon’s Blessing Advice of Valks

Collection Increase Scroll


Rare Courser Training Box

Patrigio’s Apparel Bag

Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle

40x Advice of Valks

100 Furniture

CHEC-KMYC-HARA-CTER Advice of Destiny Enhancement Help Kit I

How to claim BDO codes

When it comes to claiming your codes, there are three different ways to do so:


  • Use the official ‘Codes’ page on Black Desert Online’s website
    • Ensure that you are on the right region, and are signed in on the character you want your rewards on
  • Using the ‘Coupons‘ page from the Menu on the official BDO App
  • If in-game, click ‘Esc,‘ then Adventurer Support (F11), and select ‘use coupon
black desert online bdo code redemption page
Pearl Abyss
Entering coupon codes is a relatively easy task in Black Desert Online.

All expired Black Desert Online codes

Below are all of the expired codes for Black Desert Online, as well as what they provided, to ensure that you don’t waste your time:

Code Reward

Sub-Weapon Exchange coupon

Artisan’s Blessing (30 days)

2,000 x Cron Stone

1 x Rubin’s Letter

1 x J’s Hammer of Loyalty
1 x Sunset Prop Set

1 x Combat or Life Box

5 x Collection Increase Scroll

Advice of Valks +150

20 x Shining Shakatu’s Seal

500 x Marni’s Unstable Fuel


So that’s how to claim your free Black Desert Online loot, as well as all of the current and expired BDO codes.

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