Best Fortnite Desert Zone Wars codes in 2022

A screenshots of the Desert Zone Wars code in FortniteEpic Games

Looking for a Desert Zone Wars code to use in Fortnite? We’ve got all the details you need on this classic map, as well as a couple of variations you might want to try out too.

There are loads of different modes to play in Fortnite, from Deathruns to Gun Games, but Desert Zone Wars remains one of the most popular spin-offs if you’re looking for a twist on the classic Battle Royale.

Desert Zone Wars maps recreate the chaotic ‘endgame’ that you’d experience in a regular Battle Royale match, meaning you’ve got a much smaller arena with fewer opponents and some fast-paced gameplay.

Of course, the defining feature of these maps is that they all take place in the desert! Whether you’re looking for the OG map or an updated version, you’ll find a few Fortnite Desert Zone Wars codes below.

The original Fortnite Desert Zone Wars map code

A Desert Zone Wars code in FortniteEpic Games

For some people, the original will always be the best. If that’s the case for you, then you’ll want to head straight into JotaPeGame’s Fortnite Desert Zone Wars map by entering the code 9700-3224-6429.

This fan-favorite map allows up to 16 players to compete against each other in a small desert arena that features a few buildings and an approaching storm. It’s great for practicing your endgame gun skills.

Fortnite Desert Zone Wars Chapter 2 map code

A screenshot of Fortnite Desert Zone Wars Chapter 2 mapEpic Games

This second edition of Desert Zone Wars improves on the original with a bigger variety of buildings, more desert foliage, and even a river to splash about in. You can try it out with the code 1811-9621-1739.

While all of this makes the map look more colorful and vibrant, the most impactful change is that it has different height levels across the playing field, giving you vantage points as well as places to hide.

Fortnite Sahara Desert Zone Wars Refresh map code

Sahara Desert Zone Wars map in FortniteEpic Games

This map comes from creator MuzNeo and is described as Desert Zone Wars “on steroids and the vikings took over half the map”. If you’d like to give it a try, simply use the code 1434-8021-7042.

There’s also the opportunity to earn XP to level up your Battle Pass with this map, which means there’s even more reason to jump into the desert with your best weapons.

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