Every track in Disney Speedstorm: Monsters Inc, Pirates of the Caribbean & more

Disney Speedstorm logo with racersDisney

Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play kart-racer, giving players the freedom to blast through locations from their favorite childhood movies. But which familiar sights can we expect to see? Here is every track confirmed in the game so far.

There was plenty to get excited about in February’s Nintendo Direct, from news on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 to a new trailer for Kirby and the Forgotten Land. But one of the most surprising reveals was a new Disney-themed kart-racer titled Disney Speedstorm.

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The free-to-play game lets fans hit the tarmac with their favorite Disney and Pixar characters, including Mickey Mouse and Sulley, each with their own unique abilities. But no great racer is complete without interesting tracks to crash your way through.

Luckily, Disney Speedstorm has levels inspired by some of the most beloved Disney movies of all time. Here’s everyone that has been confirmed so far.

Monsters, Inc.

Disney Speedstorm Monsters Inc trackDisney
We’ve got a 2319…and a Monsters Inc, track confirmed for Disney Speedstorm.

One of the circuits that featured heavily in the reveal trailer was centered around the titular Monsters, Inc. factory from the 2001 movie. Fans will be able to spot plenty of nods to the film surrounding the high-speed track.

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The magical doors that the company uses to harness screams can be seen whizzing past the side of the road, while a CDA van is also parked perilously close to the action. There are bound to be even more recognizable objects and easter eggs to spot, once players can see the track in all its glory.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney Speedstorm Pirates of the Caribbean trackNintendo
Captain Jack Sparrow will be right at home on the Pirates of the Caribbean circuit.

Perhaps the most distinct location in the whole Disney Speedstorm reveal was the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean track. With the unmistakable skull and crossbones logo plastered over the finish line, it’s almost impossible to miss.

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This circuit looks to place racers right in the middle of the film’s epic battles. Cannonballs fly overhead, while battered ships are littered around the edge of the track. Could we even catch a glimpse of the infamous Black Pearl?

Jungle Book

Disney Speedstorm Jungle Book trackDisney
A Jungle Book stage is a bear necessity for a Disney racer.

If you were worried that Disney Speedstorm was forgetting the old-school animations, then fear not. A luscious, green stage based on the 1967 classic is to be included at launch, in one of the more striking tracks confirmed so far.

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There are plenty of interesting POIs to break up the shrubbery, including stone ruins and even Mowgli’s village. Not that they’ll look like much more than a blur when you’re shooting past them in a nitro-fulled go-kart.

Beauty and the Beast

Disney Speedstorm Beauty and the Best trackDisney
Beast’s mansion is the perfect backdrop for a high-speed racecourse.

Some locations across Disney’s huge back catalog feel tailor-made for a high octane race track, and Beast’s mansion is certainly one of them. One of the more chaotic levels announced so far, this colorful circuit brings the magic of the 1992 fan-favorite to life.

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Swirling teacups, swinging pendulums, and even the enchanted rose are all here, lovingly recreated to make for a visual spectacle. Still no sign of Gaston just yet, though.


Disney Speedstorm Hercules trackNintendo
A not-so leisurely drive in the clouds sounds like a blast.

The final circuit announced so far in Disney Speedstorm promises a race through the clouds. Blink and you’ll miss it in the trailer, but eagle-eyed fans will have been able to spot a quick frame showing Mount Olympus from Hercules.

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This shiny speedway is decorated by statues of Greek gods and gold-tinted pantheons. But the best news is that a handy barrier surrounding the track keeps players on course, which means we won’t be subjected to any Rainbow Road-style anger.

More and more tracks are set to be revealed ahead of release, and after launch with each new season. We’ll update this hub with every new level that gets announced, so be sure to check back here for all the latest info.

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