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Sonic Frontiers: Release date, platforms, open-world gameplay & more

Published: 16/Dec/2021 18:11

by Andrew Highton


Team Sonic have set out to create the most ambitious and daring Sonic project to date, a 3D open-world title called Sonic Frontiers. The platformer is set to reinvent the wheel one more time and give Sonic fans their most freeing experience yet.

Some saw Sonic Forces as a step back from the massive triumph that was Sonic Mania — a return to classic 2D Sonic platforming. It’s been several years since then, and Sonic Team have announced the next chapter in the franchise: Sonic Frontiers.

It looks to capture some of the essence and lifeblood of other much-loved open-world games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Whether it will be able to accomplish this remains to be seen, but Sonic fans will be intrigued nevertheless.


Here’s what we know about Sonic Frontiers so far.


Sonic Frontiers release date

sonic looking into the camera in sonic frontiers trailer
Team Sonic
Sonic is eyeing up his next big adventure.

Sonic Frontiers became public knowledge thanks to the surprise reveal trailer at the 2021 The Game Awards. There is no exact time and date set just yet, but it’s currently planned for Holiday 2022.

As always in this current climate, delays are commonplace. So we wouldn’t be surprised if Sonic Team need to push the game back to 2023 to polish it off.

Sonic Frontiers platforms

sonic running in sonic frontiers
Team Sonic
Will the open-world step be many in the right direction?

There is no hint of an exclusivity agreement for Sonic Frontiers, so unless something official says otherwise, Sonic Frontiers is likely to come out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.


The game will probably be optimized for current-gen consoles, and PS4 and Xbox One owners likely won’t get the same features and quality.

Sonic Frontiers open-world gameplay

A shot of the land in sonic froniters
Team Sonic
Sonic Frontiers is expected to be the most beautiful Sonic game to date.

The aspect that nearly everyone has picked up on from the game’s first trailer is the open-world aspect. No Sonic game to date has crossed into this genre, and Sonic Frontiers will mark a massive milestone for the cherished franchise.

It remains to be seen how deep into the open-world spectrum it will cross (e.g side missions, quests, collectibles, etc.), but it looks to be a definite departure from the 2D and limited 3D iterations seen down the years.


Sonic Frontiers trailer

So far, the only footage to do with Sonic Frontiers is the debut trailer from The Game Awards 2021. It was a cinematic trailer seemingly advertising its open-world elements. Sonic overlooking the sprawling landscape is a telling sign that players will have the biggest Sonic game to date to explore.

Here is the Sonic Frontiers trailer in full.

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