Disney Speedstorm: Confirmed characters, trailer, platforms & everything we know

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Disney Speedstorm is an upcoming kart racer that lets players step into the shoes of their favorite characters and revisit some iconic locations from Disney and Pixar licenses — so here’s everything we know so far.

While games like Mario Kart 8 are synonymous with the kart racer genre, Disney is about to make its presence felt in a big way in the genre.

Not only is the racer looking to be a fast-paced rocket of a ride, but it will appeal to the hearts of many with a whole host of memorable, big-screen characters to play as and plenty of film-inspired tracks. So, here’s a full rundown of the game’s tracks, characters, platforms, and more.

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sully doing an attackDisney
Sullivan vs Captain Jack Sparrow is the 1v1 we never knew we needed until now.

Does Disney Speedstorm have a release date or window?

No, there is currently no set release date for Disney Speedstorm. According to the title’s official site, all we currently have to go off of is a ‘coming soon’ marker, whereas its Steam page states a 2022 release.

Is Disney Speedstorm is free-to-play?

Yes, the game’s official reveal was accompanied by a voice-over that confirmed: “Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play game.”

racing on jungle book levelDisney
Expect to see a range of creative tracks tied into your favorite animated films.

Disney Speedstorm playable characters & tracks

There are a total of 13 characters from across Disney and Pixar’s iconic franchises that fans can race as in Speedstorm, including Belle, Mowgli, and Sulley.

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These are the confirmed characters so far:

  • Baloo
  • Beast
  • Belle
  • Donald Duck
  • Elizabeth Swann
  • Hercules
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Li Shang
  • Meg
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Mowgli
  • Mulan
  • Sulley

If more racer characters are revealed prior to release, we’ll be sure to update you right here.

There are also plenty of tracks that we’ll see in Speedstorm, whisking fans off to locations from Hercules, Beauty and The Beast, and more. Check out our dedicated hub for a full breakdown of the available tracks.

What do we know about Disney Speedstorm’s gameplay?

As with most kart racing games, Disney Speedstorm includes different classes assigned to each character, which will change how players approach each race: Brawler, Defender, Speedster, and Trickster.

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Racers like Mulan will prioritize speed and agility, whereas big, hulking competitors like Sully from Monsters Inc. are better suited to players pursuing power. Each racer has a specific Ultimate ability that can be triggered at some point, and there are also tons of different pick-ups to change the tide of a race.

Disney Speedstorm trailer

The game was first shown off at the Nintendo Direct presentation on February 9, 2022, in the form of an exactly 1-minute long trailer.

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Stated as the “ultimate Disney and Pixar racer”, the trailer showcases some of the game’s roster zipping through locations while characters barrage their opponents with an array of attacks.

Does Disney Speedstorm have crossplay?

Yes, Disney Speedstorm will indeed have crossplay, allowing players to duke it out over the internet across various platforms.

What platforms will Disney Speedstorm be on?

A Tweet from the game’s official page has indicated that Disney Speedstorm “is releasing this year on PC & consoles.” While it doesn’t say specifically which consoles we can expect to see, we’ll add more information here once they have been revealed.

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So there you have it, that’s everything we know about Disney Speedstorm so far. For more gaming content hubs on all of the latest upcoming releases, make sure to check out the following:

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