Disney Speedstorm: Confirmed characters, trailer, platforms & everything we know

Andrew Highton
disney speedstorm art

Step aside Mario Kart, a new player has entered the game in the form of Disney Speedstorm. Using official Disney and Pixar licenses, this new free-to-play kart racing game will allow players to use iconic characters across a range of film-inspired tracks.

A war for kart supremacy is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Whilst Mario Kart 8 is set to continue its expansion of tracks and content, Disney are about to make their presence felt in a big way on the genre.

Not only is Disney Speedstorm a fast-paced rocket of a ride, but it will appeal to the hearts of many with a whole host of memorable, big-screen characters to play as.


sully doing an attack
Sullivan vs Captain Jack Sparrow is the 1v1 we never knew we needed until now.

Does Disney Speedstorm have a release date yet?

The release window for Disney Speedstorm is quite vague at present with the game only set to come out during Summer 2022.

With the number of delays always being announced in the gaming industry, it’s probably safer to give a vague release period like this.

Is Disney Speedstorm is free-to-play?

Yes, the game’s official reveal was accompanied by a voice-over that confirmed: “Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play game.”

As we’ve said, the game is a natural competitor to other kart racers like Mario Kart, and the F2P element will be a huge factor in the game’s success. The live service model is a huge success for titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, and Disney Speedstorm will likely continue to add new popular characters from Disney and Pixar films, along with inspired new tracks.

racing on jungle book level
Expect to see a range of creative tracks tying into your favorite animated films.

Disney Speedstorm playable characters

Despite only getting a brief glimpse at what Disney Speedstorm has to offer, we’ve already been able to decipher a bunch of racers players will get to use.

These are the confirmed characters so far:

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Donald Duck
  • Mulan
  • Sully

Obviously, as more gameplay footage comes out and new trailers are released, we’ll start to get an idea of the full roster of racers.

Disney Speedstorm gameplay

As with most kart racing games, Disney Speedstorm gives each of its racers a set of attributes to give players a headache when choosing a character.

Racers like Mulan will prioritize speed and agility, whereas big, hulking competitors like Sully from Monsters Inc. are better suited to players pursuing power. Each racer has a specific Ultimate ability that can be triggered at some point, and there are also tons of different pick-ups to change the tide of a race.

Disney Speedstorm trailer

The game was first shown off at the Nintendo Direct presentation on February 9, 2022, and it was in the form of an exactly 1-minute long trailer.

Does Disney Speedstorm have crossplay?

Disney Speedstorm will indeed have crossplay, allowing players to duke it out over the internet across a wide variety of platforms.

Disney Speedstorm platforms

A Tweet from the game’s official page has indicated that Disney Speedstorm “is releasing this year on PC & consoles.” It doesn’t say specifically which consoles we can expect to see, but we would presume we will see Disney Speedstorm on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series One, Xbox Series, and of course, Nintendo Switch.

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