Disney Speedstorm: All confirmed characters so far

disney speedstorm sulley racingDisney

Disney Speedstorm is set to shake up the kart racing genre by overpowering the opposition with recognizable, household names that are known more for their presence on the silver screen.

In recent years we’ve seen Team Sonic Racing, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and of course, the ongoing commitment by Nintendo to keep the Mario Kart 8 universe sustained. But it’s time for a new competitor to enter the fray as Disney Speedstorm is set to burst onto the scene and try and claim the crown.

The February 10, 2022, edition of Nintendo Direct debuted a surprising new title in the form of Disney and Pixar’s new racing game — Disney Speedstorm. Not too much is known about the game in the grand scheme of things, but we do know a few confirmed characters in the free-to-play kart racer.

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Disney Speedstorm characters so far

Given how many Disney and Pixar films there are, the sheer number of popular characters we could see going up against each other is mind-boggling. Not since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a game had a roster capable of bringing faces from all sorts of franchises together.

Now, a one-minute trailer is all we have to go off of so far, but already we’ve been able to identify some very iconic characters that you’ll be able to use in Disney Speedstorm.

mickey mouse in disney speedstorm

Mickey Mouse

Probably the most famous mouse that has ever existed. Disney’s main mascot for nearly 100 years has appeared in all manner of things and his round black ears, red shorts, and gold shoes are about as iconic as any other design in the world.

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Mickey was shown off in the game’s reveal trailer and advertised as one of its faster characters.

captain jack sparrow in disney speedstorm

Captain Jack Sparrow

We doubt there will be any rum in Disney Speedstorm, but there’s sure to be an enemy racer or two that will be keelhauled away to make way for the sea’s greatest captain.

The star of the Pirates of the Caribbean films is sporting an appropriate get-up, and we’ll find out in due course about the abilities the legendary pirate has to offer.

sully doing an attack

James P. “Sulley” Sullivan

This rollercoaster of a racing game will have you screaming for joy, but so will Sulley. The big, lovable blue hero from the Monsters, Inc. franchise will be one of many racers in Disney Speedstorm.

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He’s described as having “monstrous power,” which we’d imagine will tie into the game’s abilities and mean trouble for anyone that gets in his way

mulan in disney speedstorm


To this day, Mulan’s story still remains a captivating one. Posing as a male soldier, Mulan exceeded all expectations to become a very capable and brave warrior in the Chinese military.

These skills and qualities should transfer over nicely to Disney Speedstorm, with her characteristics allowing her to “pull off explosive maneuvers.”

donald duck in disney speedstorm

Donald Duck

Not too far behind Mickey in terms of history, marketability, and overall popularity is Donald Duck. He has garnered many a laugh down the years with his comic timing and has been a mainstay in animation for decades.

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Familiar to the video game world, Donald has been in multiple games, and could potentially be a solid all-around racer to use if his stats are anything to go by.

Disney Speedstorm cosmetics

It’s already been well-established that Disney Speedstorm is a free-to-play title. Meaning it will be a live-service game that can be updated with new characters, tracks, and other cosmetics with seasonal, and maybe weekly updates.

We are unsure how the system will work, or if there’s a Battle Pass that players will be able to buy. We’ll be sure to keep you updated once we know how the game’s live-service model works.

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