11 best games like Animal Crossing to play on Switch & PC (2023)

Animal crossing and My time at portiaPathea / Nintendo

The Animal Crossing series is well known for delivering some of the most beloved cozy games, but even the most dedicated villagers will want to take a break from the franchise occasionally, and there are some tremendous similar games out there to try! Here are 11 of the best games like Animal Crossing you can play on Switch and PC.

Relaxing life simulators like Animal Crossing are the perfect stress reliever for many, providing the opportunity to escape into a calm world and forget the stresses of life while playing. In a cozy game, it’s unlikely you’ll be fighting strong enemies or solving challenging puzzles, which is what makes the genre so popular and universal.

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While Animal Crossing is one of the best cozy franchises out there, you can still find tons of similar titles to enjoy on their Switch and PC. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best games like Animal Crossing to play in 2023.

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Best Games like Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch & PC

The Nintendo Switch and a PC are perfect places to get cozy with an excellent video game like Animal Crossing. We’ve got all the best games for you to try out if you’re looking for a little escape from either the world or the ever-increasing amount of Bells you owe Tom Nook.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley fishing like Animal CrossingConcerned Ape
Get cozy with your very own farm in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is a fantastically cozy RPG where you get to farm, mine, fish, make friends with the villagers, and much more. It closely resembles Animal Crossing in this way and will likely not be a huge jump from the game you know and love.

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The open-ended nature of Stardew Valley allows you to create the farm of your dreams throughout hours of gameplay that will likely fly by. In the same way, you get engrossed in Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley is extremely tough to put down.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley animal crossingDisney / Gameloft
Disney Dreamlight Valley takes Animal Crossing and makes it a dreamy Disney delight.

Despite being in early access, Disney Dreamlight Valley has taken the gaming world by storm. Upon its initial release, many players were comparing the game to Animal Crossing, highlighting that Disney Dreamlight Valley takes a similar game and improves upon it in loads of ways.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has it all: Familiar characters you can interact and make friends with, fishing, farming, cooking, mining, and the ability to decorate the valley and your home however you want. Whether you’re a Disney fan or not, if you liked Animal Crossing, you’ll love Disney Dreamlight Valley.

My Time at Portia

My time at portia game like Animal CrossingPathea
Explore a post-apocalyptic utopia by crafting, battling, and befriending in My Time at Portia.

My Time at Portia is one of those fantastic hidden gems that deserve more players than it has. It’s got a similar story to Stardew in the sense that you inherit your grandfather’s estate. Only this time, it’s a workshop rather than a farm.

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Instead of farming, players are encouraged to explore the post-apocalyptic world they find themselves in and befriend the villagers and battle monsters. It’s a joy from beginning to end and brings just enough new elements to make this feel separate from Animal Crossing yet still oddly familiar.

Garden Paws

Garden Paws game like Animal CrossingBitten Toast Games

If you adore the cute animal designs of the villagers in Animal Crossing, you’ll love Garden Paws.

In this game, you become adorable animals and build up your farm and the town you live in. It’s essentially Animal Crossing but with more animalistic characters. Perfect if you don’t want to stray too far from the traditional playstyle.

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Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive TownMarvelous / Three Rings Design
Raise animals, build your own house, and get to know the world around you in this adorable experience.

Combining cute animation with even cuter animals, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town almost feels like a rite of passage when getting into cozy life sims. It’s a highly well-known title, partly due to its similarity with Harvest Moon, and is filled with all the activities you love from games like Animal Crossing.

You have to go from a tent to a house, make friends with villagers, and tend to the land around you. All these similarities will help this game feel familiar yet totally different.

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Spiritfare games like Animal CrossingThunder Lotus Games
Create lasting memories in this management life sim experience.

While there are plenty of cute cozy life sims where you can farm, fish, cook, and more, sometimes it’s best to stray a little from the traditional tropes of what you know. Spiritfarer is precisely that.

It takes the player on a journey through life, death, and the process of death, all through a cozy management sim guaranteed to make you smile as much as it will make you cry.

Essentially, you play as a boat farer, tasked with helping people ‘go through the gate’ at the end of their lives. You go on adventures, complete quests, make friends, cook, and plenty more similar events to Animal Crossing, only this is entirely unique and is an experience no one should miss out on.

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Slime Rancher

Slime rancherMonomi Park
Collect slimes and explore a beautiful planet in Slime Rancher.

Slime Rancher takes a little more of a chill approach to gaming and is perfect if you only have a few hours to spend yet still want to experience something with few restrictions and plenty of adorable creatures.

The game drops you into an unknown planet and creates an adorable farm filled with some rather mysterious Slimes. While tending to the farm, you can complete quests, explore the planet, and even find hybrid slimes if you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for something easy and calming, this is the game for you.

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Littlewood game like Animal CrossingSmashGames

Littlewood feels a lot like a combination between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. It’s got the pixel-art style of Stardew Valley but the cozy openness of Animal Crossing. Either way, Littlewood is a fantastic experience filled with great quest lines and even better jobs to complete.

Along with the typical crafting, farming, and fishing, you can play challenging card games within Littlewood and collect an impressive variety of items like bugs, just like in Animal Crossing. It’s a little more quest-heavy than Animal Crossing, but that just gives you something to achieve while getting friendly with the villagers.

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Cozy Grove

Cozy groveSpry Fox

Cozy Grove introduces the same tropes as Animal Crossing but combines them with mystery, the supernatural, and a considerable amount of cooking. With that combination, the entire experience is both entertaining and extremely cozy, especially since it’s filled with the most adorable animal creatures for you to interact with.

It feels close to Animal Crossing but instead introduces the spooky elements all fans of Halloween or horror will adore.

Sun Haven

Sun havenPixel Sprout Studios
Enjoy the mythical world of Sun Haven.

Sun Haven feels like a cross between Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Dungeons & Dragons. It’s a fantastic farming simulator where you can play as devils, angels, and other mystical creatures, all with magical powers to help you on your way as a farmer and an explorer.

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There are quests, exciting NPCs, and an art style that will draw you into the game and cause hours to pass in what feels like minutes. It’s the perfect game to get engrossed in for a cozy gaming session.

While it’s not yet available for the Switch, the game’s roadmap does suggest this will be coming soon, so be sure to check back soon when we update this page.


Forager game like Animal CrossingHopFrog
Forager includes collecting, exploring, puzzles, and all the best bits about Animal Crossing.

Inspired by the likes of Terraria, Zelda, and Stardew Valley, Forager combines the best parts of cozy adventure games and encapsulates them in a simplistic yet effective experience.

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Forager doesn’t necessarily have the high-quality graphics many gamers are used to, but it does contain an adorable pixilated world that has a distinct capability to engross you into the game.

Filled with resource gathering, crafting, building, exploring, and puzzle solving, Forager manages to be a title where players can drop in for half an hour or stay for the entire day without struggling to find something to do.

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Those are the best games, like Animal Crossing, well worth trying out. While installing your new adventure, take a look at some of our other recommended games:

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