10 best feel-good games to buy in 2024

Jessica Filby
Among Trees and Katamari

There are so many feel-good games you can buy in 2024. Here, we have ranked the top 10 for you to help make a decision on what to play next.

For many, video games are the perfect escape from tough times. They offer comfort and allow you to fully immerse yourself into a world away from your own, which can be particularly helpful during what many consider to be tougher months of the year.

So, let’s get together the shortlist for you. We’ve got a stellar selection of soothing titles – from creative cozy games that’ll make time fly by to RPGs with worlds you’ll end up losing yourself in.

Stardew Valley

stardew valley 1.5 mobile
Create a beautiful farm, meet friends, and fall in love in Stardew Valley.
  • Genre: Cozy farming sim
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac

No feel-good selection is complete without Stardew Valley. You play a character who, after the loss of their grandpa, is given his farm in the middle of a small town. Escaping the bustle of the city, you head to the farm and create a loving landscape by planting crops, mining, taking care of animals, and finding love with the NPCs.

There’s something special about Stardew Valley. Whether you’re into farming, combat, or just making friends, you’re guaranteed to spend hundreds of hours in this game without getting bored. Combine that with the outstanding soundtrack and simplistic visuals, and you have one of the best cozy games ever.

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk
Make Coffee, friends, and memories in Coffee Talk.
  • Genre: Interactive visual novel
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac

It may feel a little stereotypical, but few things make a person feel as good as when they have a nice hot (or cold) drink and can snuggle under a warm blanket. Combine that with Coffee Talk and you have a combination made for feeling good.

You act as the barista in a nighttime coffee shop who gets the chance to listen in on your patron’s conversation, while occasionally creating delicious drinks for order. It’s in no way stressful, and the characters are so lovable that you’ll just fall straight into the world without looking back, investing greatly into their wonderful stories. Then, if that’s not enough, try out Episode Two.

Tetris Effect

tetris effect stage changing
Tetris Effect will have you bopping to the beat.
  • Genre: Arcade puzzle game
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Meta Quest

Whether you find Tetris calming or stressful depends on your love for puzzle games. On one hand, keeping your brain working hard is a great way to provide a distraction from the outside world, but on the other, it can be a little frustrating.

That’s where Tetris Effect comes in. It’s essentially the zen version of the original game and introduces a calming design thanks to the fantastic music, backgrounds, effects, and so much more. It almost feels like ASMR mixed with dreamy visuals and is particularly eye-catching in VR.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest
With cute visuals, adorable stories, and lovable characters, Cat Quest is purrfect.
  • Genre: Open-world RPG
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile, PlayStation, Mac

If you’re a cat lover and an RPG fanatic, then Cat Quest is a feel-good game for you. Essentially, through its shorter length, you play as an adorable cat set to take down the evil Drakoth and save your sister. While doing so, you get to explore a delightful map, delve into dungeons, and meet some undeniably loveable characters.

Many have described it as Skyrim for Cats, so if that’s the genre you adore, then you should definitely try out Cat Quest. What’s more, there’s a Cat Quest 2, and an upcoming Cat Quest 3, so if you’re done with the original, you can always dive into its counterparts and go all over again.


dovahkiin walking through town
Skyrim is everything you need in a feel-good RPG.
  • Genre: Open-world RPG
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

Whether you’ve played Skyrim before or not, you should dive into the game. No title promises to immerse you quite like this outstanding RPG. After all, it’s not considered one of the best RPGs of all time for nothing.

Skyrim has the distinct ability to cater to everything you need when you need it. You can explore, complete quests, battle creatures, create a home, and even fish, all while enjoying the stunning medieval fantasy world around you. If immersion is the aim of your feel-good experience, Skyrim should be one of your first thoughts.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

link running in zelda breath of the wild 2
If the gameplay isn’t enough to bring you in, the visuals certainly will.
  • Genre: Open-world action adventure
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

No game fits the portable experience like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – and just because you can take it around, doesn’t mean it’s harder to feel immersed or engaged in its gameplay. After all, there’s nothing quite like embodying Link once again and exploring Hyrule in all its glory.

Breath of the Wild gives off the same addictive and immersive nature as Skyrim and is ideal for anyone looking to just fall in love with classic video games.


You can do almost anything in Minecraft, inspiring plenty of creative freedom.
  • Genre: Sandbox
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac

Sure, diving into fantastic RPGs or adorable cozy games are a lot of fun, but there’s something special about being given complete creative freedom in a world made for such creations.

Minecraft is a classic. It’s perfect for whatever you want to do from exploration, combat, farming, building, and even fighting thanks to a few key servers. On top of that, you can explore all those features with friends thanks to its multiplayer capabilities.

Slime Rancher

Slime rancher
Slime Rancher is a vibrant and fun adventure filled with chaos.
  • Genre: Adventure life sim
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac

In Slime Rancher, you play as Beatrix LeBeau, a new rancher who lands on a planet with the sole responsibility of wrangling mischievous slimes. As such, the gameplay is extremely colorful, loveable, a little chaotic, and just all-out adorable.

It’s worth mentioning, that there’s a touching ending to the game, but that almost makes the title all the more bittersweet and therefore feel-good. After all, the joys you experience throughout the game make the ending so worth it.

Among Trees

Among Trees
Explore the wilderness and all its glory in Among Trees.
  • Genre: Survival
  • Platforms: PC

While it’s different for everyone, there are times when a good walk or trip outside will cure some negative feelings. This is why Among Trees is so fantastic. It allows you to explore the world without leaving the comfort of your sofa, bed, or home in general.

You’re essentially dropped into the stunning wilderness which is filled with secrets, nature, animals, and materials to help you expand your home and better survive. It’s one of those games where you can just dive into nature and enjoy every minute of its adventure. Combine that with the adorable pet fox you can get and you’re in for a fantastic time.


Katamari ball
Katamari may be tricky at times but it’s great mindless fun for the most part.
  • Genre: Third-person puzzle-action
  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, Mac

Not all feel-good games need to have complex stories, large open worlds, or even long storylines. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good bit of mindless fun, especially when it involves picking up random items to make into a large ball, that in turn, can pick up even more items.

Katamari is just so much fun to play. It’s simplistic, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is one of those games where you can just switch off entirely and enjoy what’s in front of you, even if it’s a little tricky at times. If you want a feel-good game that doesn’t take too much to enjoy, Katamari is the game for you.

So, those are all our top picks for the best feel-good games to help your 2024 feel a little smoother. While installing your chosen title, take a look at some of our other recommendations for the best cozy games or the perfect game to play with a friend.

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