Disney Dreamlight Valley fans call Nintendo’s Animal Crossing out for missing features

Disney Dreamlight Valley Fans Call Out Animal Crossing New Horizons NintendoDisney, Nintendo

Disney Dreamlight Valley combines classic Disney characters and locations with wholesome, slice-of-life gameplay, and many players are vocalizing a desire to see these features in popular titles like the Animal Crossing series.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has released as an early access title across most platforms. Players have the ability to settle in the town of Dreamlight Valley, build and customize a house and farm in the many areas within the town, and create a unique and detailed playable character.

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Despite the game’s early model and lacking content, many players have already fallen deep into the interesting, Disney-themed narrative. The character customization is particularly exciting, offering players the ability to create complex and stunning avatars.

With so many quality-of-life features available before Disney Dreamlight Valley is complete, many slice-of-life gamers have taken to social media, vocalizing a desire to see the same mechanics and features in the popular Nintendo series Animal Crossing – especially following a lackluster lifespan for New Horizons.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has features ACNH keeps ignoring

Disney Dreamlight Valley players have been gushing about the new game on social media, sharing avatar selfies, house decorations, farm plots, and thoughts about gameplay.

One fan known as TheOtherAriel on Twitter, has posted a comment that calls Animal Crossing developers out. They state “Hear me out Animal Crossing fans… Disney Dreamlight Valley has 24-hour shops, tools that don’t break, bulk crafting, & villagers with minds of their own that actually HELP YOU with things… just sayin”.

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Many of the features TheOtherAriel lists have been a hot topic in the Animal Crossing community, especially following the sudden lack of content updates throughout the 2021-2022 years.

Players have continued to vocalize frustration about shop hours, tool durability, crafting issues, and overall character personalities as New Horizons’ gameplay became stagnant and repetitive following its first full year of seasonal event updates.

Many users have commented on the tweet, with absolutely_ali responding “Lmao Disney saw everything wrong with animal crossing and made a game I need to play this it seems fun!” and simbeeoticttv adds “And harvesting crops continuously by holding the button instead of needing to do things one by one”.

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While Disney Dreamlight Valley has a long way to go before its full release, and could encounter pushback for the prevalent use of microtransactions and in-game purchases, it seems it already has a lot to offer fans of the slice-of-life genre. Hopefully, these sought-after mechanics and features will make their way into future Animal Crossing games as well.