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Finding the Arsenal door code in Amnesia: The Bunker is an important part of a late-game puzzle. But it’s not as straightforward as you might think.

Your main objective in Amnesia: The Bunker is to escape the titular bunker by blowing up the exit. To do this, you’re going to need dynamite, and a lot of it at that. But to get it, you’re going to need the Arsenal door code.

To get this code, which is randomised during each playthrough, you will need to sidetrack into another area of the bunker. This contains the communications room and a separate puzzle on its own. Here’s how to get the Arsenal door code.

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Get into the Communications room

The Arsenal door code is being broadcasted via radio in the Communications Room. So you’ll need to head to Soldier Quarters. It’s located down some steps near the Prison entrance. Once you’re there, head to the west side where you’ll find the Communications Room.

The door to the Communications Room is locked with no way of breaking it down, so you’ll need to find the key. Turn right and find the security room. It’s also locked, but you can smash it down with a heavy brick. Use the nearby darkroom to hide from the monster, which will no doubt be alerted by the noise.

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Once the coast is clear, head inside the security room and open the key box. You’ll find a note inside stating a soldier has hidden the key in their bunk. Take notice of the name that’s signed the note (it’s randomized per playthrough), but this will be the soldier’s bed you need to find.

Head into the Barracks and find the right bed. It’ll be in either Barracks A or Barracks B. Be careful not to disturb the rats that are chewing on a corpse in A. Check the postal box of each bed for the correct name, there will be two per bed. The key is resting on the sheets.

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Once you have the key, head back to the Communications Room and unlock it. Find the radio, and you’ll realize it doesn’t have power. Your next job is to turn on the power.

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Arsenal door code location

To turn on the power, first make sure the generator is running in the Admin Office. Your next destination is the Utility Room, but you’ll also need to turn on all the power switches along the way to daisy chain the power flow back to Communications.

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Head through Barracks B into a corridor that leads to the Mess Hall. Follow the corridor around to the right where the break room is. Be equipped with something to deal with rats too, as there will be some along here.

Inside the break room, there’s another door that leads to the Utility Room locked with a padlock. You can either shoot it or break it with a heavy brick. Use the nearby closet for safety if the monster shows up.

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Once you’re inside the Utility Room, pull the wall switch so it’s turned on and then head back the way you came to the Communications Room. Here you can turn on the radio and hear the code.

Don’t worry about remembering the code, it’ll be logged down in the “codes” section of your journal when you pause the game. So, head back to Arsenal and use the code on the padlocked door.

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And that’s everything you need to know about getting the Arsenal door code in Amnesia: The Bunker. We also have more Amnesia guides for your use:

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