How to find the soda can door code in The Last of Us 2

Naughty Dog

There are some secrets that have prevent tricky to figure out in The Last of Us 2, with the soda can keypad code in the subway tunnels being one of the trickiest. Here’s how you can solve the puzzle.

The Last of Us 2 has some pretty decent loot and secrets hidden behind certain doors and areas, meaning that if you burst past them or don’t have the code, you could be missing out on serious goodies. 

One such locked door comes during the Seattle – Day 1 portion of events where, while playing as Ellie, you’re chased into the Subway tunnels. While wading through the tunnels, you’ll come across a break room and a note from ‘V’ who just wants a specific can of soda. Here’s what you need to find for her. 

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A soda machine in The Last of Us 2Naughty Dog
Part of the code can be found inside a soda machine.

The Last of Us 2 subway soda can keypad code

After finding V’s note to Dewey inside the break room, you just have to open up the soda machine that sits close to the door. You can shoot it open or through something through it, just break through the glass.

Once it’s open, grab the lone soda can that is sat there and inspect it. As you rotate around, the second part of V’s note will become clear. They’ve given you the first part of the code – 1-5-2 – but you’ve got to figure out the rest. However, the combination that you need is actually pretty simple –  1-5-2-4-3.

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  1. Find V’s note on the floor of the break room
  2. Smash open the soda machine closest to the keypad door
  3. Read the second note 
  4. Type in 1-5-2-4-3 on the locked door’s keypad
  5. Head inside and claim your prizes!

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You can then turn and use that code on the door with the keypad – this should be on your left. Punch it in and the door will open, prompting Dina to ask Ellie how she managed to open it. 

Once inside, you can find a stash of crafting materials as well as a bottle of supplements and some ammunition. These will help you as you progress further through the game, and the secret code barely takes a minute or so to figure out.