How to get the lockdown wheel in Amnesia: The Bunker

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Getting the lockdown wheel is Amnesia: The Bunker’s first major puzzle is important but for players who are only just starting the game, it can be a little confusing on how to obtain it.

The lockdown wheel is a necessary item to progress through Amnesia: The Bunker’s haunting story. At this point in the game, you’ll be free to explore the game’s main hub area but are locked off from visiting the sub-levels. Acquiring the lockdown wheel will give you access to these new areas.

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So if you’re struggling to figure out how to find the lockdown wheel, here’s how to do it. Be sure to also read our review of Amnesia: The Bunker too.

How to lift the lockdown

Once you’ve finished Amnesia: The Bunker’s prologue, you’ll find yourself in the main hub area of the bunker which is where the Admin Office is located. This is your safe haven where you can save your game, view the map, and fill up the generator.

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From viewing the map, you’ll notice the Arsenal, Soldier Quarters, Prison, and Maintenance areas are locked off from you. Indeed, if you head to the entrances of these doors you’ll find a blockade preventing you from progressing any further.

What you should do is head to Mission Storage, which is in the west hallway from the Admin Office. Right outside this room, you’ll see the lockdown controls. Turn the wheel and watch it break before your very eyes.

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To fix this, you’re going to need a replacement wheel. Turn around and head inside Mission Storage. You can do this by either removing the loose vent to the right of the doors and crawling through or alternatively breaking the doors down with something heavy. 

Bear in mind that making too much noise will alert the monster, who is actively searching for you inside the bunker. We certainly recommend taking the quiet approach.

Inside the room, head to the back and notice the different soldier lockers. Each one has a four-number combination that will give you access to the items inside, with these codes being found on the dog tags of the corresponding soldier. The locker with the name ‘Delisle’ has the lockdown wheel inside.

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So, now you need to find Delisle in order to get the locker code. And we can’t just tell you what the code is, because it’s randomized for each playthrough.

Where to find Delisle

The best place to check would be the soldier’s quarters. Head back into the admin office and check the map. The quarters can be found just south of the office, with Delisle’s room being the fourth one from the end.

Head to Delisle’s room, taking care not to make any noise. Be also wary of setting off any traps the soldiers have set up for the monster, as these can create high amounts of noise and may also injure you in the process.

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Delisle’s room is locked. You can get in by either accessing a small vent in the Lounge next door or by bashing the door down with something heavy. Inside, you’ll find Delisle’s body with the dog tag laying next to him.

Check the dog tag and be sure to rotate it to see the code. This is the combination for Delisle’s locker which holds the lockdown wheel. 

Head back to Mission Storage and smash the code into Delisle’s locker to open it. Take the lockdown wheel from the locker and take it back to the controls in the hallway, where the first wheel broke. Open your inventory and equip the wheel, then put it in place so you can turn it to open the gates of all the bunker sublevels.

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And that’s how to obtain the lockdown wheel in Amnesia: The Bunker. Be sure to check out our other Amnesia: The Bunker guides too:

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