Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve the Clock Tower door puzzle

hogwarts legacy clock tower pendulum headerAvalanche Software

Are you having trouble with the Hogwarts Legacy’s Clock Tower door puzzle? Here’s everything you need to know to solve this tricky puzzle and earn its associated rewards.

A significant portion of your time with Hogwarts Legacy will be spent solving various wonderous puzzles sprinkled about the Hogwarts castle and its outskirts. Including the empty frame puzzles, the Arithmancy doors with the animal symbols on them, and the Clock Tower door puzzle which this guide is about.

Hogwarts Legacy is full of different types of puzzles that put players to the test, such as the various moth frame puzzles or the Arithmancy doors.

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However, Hogwarts castle also hosts a few specific challenges that aren’t quite so obvious and are aptly labeled as Hogwarts Secrets within the game.

One of those Hogwarts Secrets is hidden within the Clock Tower door and requires both intuition and a keen eye to figure out how to solve its puzzle. However, for players who are having trouble solving the Clock Tower door puzzle, this guide will break it down step by step.

Solving the Clock Tower’s mechanical door puzzle

First things first, students will need to have access to Arresto Momentum in order to complete this puzzle. Arresto Momentum is a spell that slows down an object or enemy’s movements and is earned by completing Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 2.

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Next, head to the Clock Tower located in the South Wing of Hogwarts. Players should be familiar with the Clock Tower as it’s home to the Crossed Wands Dueling Club.

hogwarts legacy clock tower puzzle doorAvalanche Software
The Unicorn door is located on the ground floor of the Clock Tower.

Students will likely notice a door on the ground floor of the Clock Tower with a metal gate in front of it that opens and shuts every so often. This metal gate is actually timed with the pendulum swinging, and the Clock Tower contains three other doors just like it.

These doors can be opened by stopping the pendulum’s movement with Arresto Momentum at the right time. Students just need to know when to stop the pendulum and which door to access at the right time.

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Opening the four doors in the Clock Tower

The four doors can be opened in any order, but it’s easiest to work from top to bottom—as such, the door on the highest floor will be called the first door while the one on the ground floor will be called the fourth.

As players climb the Clock Tower through stairs located on either side of the entrance, they should notice a metal bar with symbols lining the pendulum’s path. The farthest right symbol matches the first door, while the farthest left symbol matches the fourth door.

hogwarts legacy clock tower puzzle key 1Avalanche Software
The right symbol matches the first door, while the left matches the second door.
hogwarts legacy clock tower puzzle keyAvalanche Software
The left symbol matches the fourth door while the right matches the third.

From here, players simply need to cast Arresto Momentum while the Pendulum’s bar overlaps with the correct symbol for each door.

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Each door will give the following reward:

  • First door – Random Legendary gear piece
  • Second door – Fwooper Statue conjuration
  • Third door – Disillusionment chest (500 Galleons)
  • Fourth door – Huge Decorated Table conjuration

Additionally, students should complete one of the Solve Hogwarts Secrets challenges and receive an item from the Challenges tab in the pause menu after opening all four chests.

And that’s everything witches and wizards at Hogwarts need to know about solving the Clock Tower’s door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy! Players looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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