Stray safe codes: All codes in every chapter

Jessica Filby
Stray cover and finding a safe

Stray is filled with puzzles and adventures. Four of these puzzles require a code to crack the safe. Here are the Stray safe codes and how to find them.

Published by Annapurna and developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray is a dystopian adventure game where you play as a cat who’s trying to get out of the city they find themselves in. During this adventure, you will likely meet some puzzles that range in difficulty. Some of these puzzles require safe codes to let you open the doors or the safe itself.

Finding the puzzles is typically not an issue, it’s finding the password to the door or safe in Stray that really poses a challenge. Luckily the answers are available and typically posted on the walls around the city or hidden behind something. Nevertheless, here are all of Stray’s safe code locations.


The Flat door code location

The first code you will come across is located in the flat where you first find your drone. The drone will direct you towards the door itself but will leave you struggling to figure out how to open it. Thankfully this can be done in a few easy steps.

A cat and small drone looking at two doorways
Head to the right for the code.

Once you have found the locked door you will need to turn around to face it from the end of the corridor. Then simply head into the open doorway on the right.

A cat and a drone shining a torch on the board with the code on it
Shine the torch on the board to light up the code.

Inside the room, you will need to look to the left wall, or the wall opposite the piano if you get turned around. On the board, covered up by the paint cans is Stray’s door code. Make sure you shine the torch or the code will be far too dark to see.

The code on the board, 3748
Push the paint can and the code is revealed.

The last step when looking for the code is to do what cats do best, pushing things on the floor. Jump up to the board itself and push the paint can over. This will reveal the code which is: 3749. Head back over to the locked door, punch it in and it will all be open.

The Slums door code location

This is the second and last Stray door code location you will need to find. It’s located in The Slums and more notably can be found in Seamus’ house. This time it involves telling the time, kind of.

A cat and drone looking at a picture on the wall
Head to the picture in the corner for the answers

After finding out there is a secret room you will need to head over to the right of the room. When you see a picture of what looks to be Seamus and his father, jump up and scratch at it until it falls off.

Cat and a drone looking at an untranslated code
Behind the picture reveals a clue.

Once the picture has been pulled down a hint to Stray’s door code will be revealed, although you will need to translate it first. The translation will read “time will tell”. This is where telling the time comes in.

Using the clocks to tell the code
Look at the time the clocks show.

Despite the fact that the clocks themselves are very different from what we are used to, they do all show a recognizable time. This is the code: 2511.

The cat scratching a a picture
Pull the picture down to reveal the keypad.

After the code has been discovered turn to the right and scratch at the largest picture. The picture will fall, revealing the keypad. Simply enter the code and explore the secret room.

The Slums safe code location

The second safe code location is found relatively early on in the game. It can be found just after you meet the Guardian and rewards you with a Music Sheet.

Finding the safe in the slums
Find the safe to reveal the first clue.

Knowing how to open the safe in The Slums is relatively simple. Once you have met the guardian head to the stairs on your left and go past a musician leaning up against a wall. Keep going until you reach a gate and head down to the left, the safe should be in sight.

The password from the slums
Find the binary password.

When you get close to the safe you will find Stray’s safe password which will be undecipherable. To decipher it, head to Elliot Programming and scratch on the door to open it.

The front of Elliots shop
Head into Elliots and he will decipher it for you.

Once you’re into Elliot Programming simply speak to him and he will tell you to head to a place called Duffer Bar. It’s not too far from where the original Guardian is. Head in there and look for the neon sign.

The safe code from the slums
Scratch the painting away to reveal the code.

Jump up to the sign, scratch away the painting and it will reveal Strays safe code which is 1283. Then head back to the safe and you’ll be able to grab the reward.

Midtown safe code location

The last safe code is located in chapter 10 of the story, otherwise known as Midtown. This one thankfully requires little exploration and primarily happens in the same room.

A cat looking through at a stall
Jump through the electronics window to find the safe.

The first thing you will want to do is look out for the Electronics store. It’s relatively bright so shouldn’t be too hard. Then simply jump through the window and into the room itself. You may see the safe in the top corner, however it’s worth getting the code first.

The backwards code in Midtown
The code is backwards here.

Once you have gone through the window, turn around to the unreadable poster and get the drone to translate it. This will provide you with the safe code for the Midtown safe. It’s backwards so the code would be: 8542.

The safe in midtown
Climb up to the safe and put in the code for the reward.

Then simply hop up towards the safe behind you and put in the safe code.

That’s all of Stray’s safe codes and passwords unlocked. Be sure to check out our Stray hub for more information about the game, as well as where to find the Energy Drink locations in the Slums.

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